Shaked denounces HCJ illegal aliens ruling, calls for new constitutional revolution
Gilad Morag and Tova Tzimuki
Published: 29.08.17, 19:31
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1. Semitism/Racism, policy or predisposition favorable to Jews
2. It's the same tactic inflicted on the U.S.
Brad   (08.29.17)
Water down the Western countries with Muslim trash, and then squeal like pigs when the resistance comes. I'd say "to hell with Islam", but Biblical prophecy reveals that they're going there anyway, so why be redundant?
3. Forget about Israel. It is Israelarabia now.
4. A nation-state of Israeli people. Constitution to define it.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.29.17)
Minister Shaked should form a committee to write the Constitution of Israel. Like with the American constitution hundreds of years ago, the first order of action will be the separation of religion from State. Hopefully, Minister Shaked receives accurate historical precedent information and learns from it.
5. About bloody time to say it out loud!
6. It is the undeclared goal of the Left in Israel, to do
everything in its power to undermine the Jewish character of this land.
They'll do everything short of direct suicide by hanging, to assure that we're "watered down" to the hilt.
Just like Dems in USA, they know that aliens secure them votes.
Pure survival instinct, albeit hostile to its own 'kind".
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