Israel's ambassador returns to Egypt after 8 months away
Associated Press
Published: 29.08.17, 20:30
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1. Remember that great number:"A fine romance"?(with no kisses)
2. what a bunch of dumbbells
marvin   (08.30.17)
cohen, elkin and bibi told putin the latest intelligence on iran warning him about iran's intenitons. what a bunch of shmucks. putin firstly knows what iran is doing and doesn'tneedmossad to tell him anything. bibi( whose military ignorance is astounding-he simply doesn't know the basics of how to attack) was in panic mode according to pravda when putin said he would not restrain iran. of course we knew this beforehand. russia has its interests. no matter how many smiles bibi and putin share, interests trump other considerations.

bibi really has no ideal of what is going on just like in the gaza war. he was awol ie missing in action. he did nothing about tunnels until bennett forced the issure. he raced to a ceasefire before even haniyeh ran and when nothing was accomplished.

as his father said, bibi is no more than a press spokesman.

bibi embarasses israel with constant crying to the UN,putin and trump. and before that he whined to obama and kerry. what a useless pm and the sooner he is removed from power, the better.
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