UN chief meets with families of Palestinian terrorists
Liad Osmo
Published: 29.08.17, 22:51
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1. Aah: finally he's in his right element!
2. Implement UN Charter Article 80
3. Within a day he is already standing with terrorists
Zushi   (08.29.17)
4. States are equal - There is no State of Palestine
Zushi   (08.29.17)
5. Abbas is a terrorist and he meets him - UN Equality
Zushi   (08.29.17)
6. Of course.
Brad   (08.29.17)
The UN funds more terrorism than most countries.
7. bs artist
igor   (08.30.17)
recall netanyahu saying his meeting with putin was successful-lies. putin will do nothing about iran and hezbollah.

next bibi says no settlements will be abandoned going forward- he is lying his teeth off. he'll say he had no option-trump forced him.

finally he says through his ambassador that un chief now understands israel better and things will change. more lies-gutierres went to ramallah to sympathize with plo terrororists and that israel has no connection to jjeruslam.

it is clear to me that bibi has to go. next to olmert, he is the most gutless pm israel has ever had.
8. "We understand the "suffering" of the Palestinian prisoners.
tiki ,   belgium   (08.30.17)
This he said, without any shame, to the parents who proudly raised their sons to become terrorists because being a Shaheed and killing Israeli's is a priority in their life and the oxygen of their existence.

Yes, these poor kids are suffering!
They went out on a mission to become a Shaheed and failed and now have to 'rot' in an Israeli jail, getting free food, doing sport and getting a college degree, while their parents are being paid for their sons good deeds.

After visiting the grave of the Patriarch of Terror Arafat, one can conclude one thing.....

The new Secr. General of the UN has failed in his mission before he has even started.

9. #6 Brad BINGO!
BBB   (08.30.17)
10. UN claims he never said the comments about ¬®prisoners¬®
Zushi   (08.30.17)
who to believe? hard to know nowadays
11. Ynet fake news
Put some news which are not fabricated... quit favoring these killers..
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