Balad summer camp concludes with procession extolling 'martyrs'
Yishai Porat
Published: 30.08.17, 09:14
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1. I expect nothing less than this from my sworn enemies, but I
expect bloody more from my co-Israelis/Jews that actively support the Islamic Neo-Nazism.
Yes you, Mrs. Zehava Galon, Yes you Mr. Gideon Levy, yes you traitors of Breaking Silence, yes you.....
Robert ,   Israel   (08.30.17)
What palestinians forget to say is that they are where they are now because they lost their opportunities. They did not want to share "the cake" (the land). They wanted it all for themselves. And that was not possible.
And so they gathered four muslim armies in order to invade the jews and throw them all to the sea. And these powerful armies were defeated time after time by a bunch of jews who fought for their survival.
With every war the muslims started against Israel, they lost another pice of their land. So their piece of cake became a little smaller each time.
Today they wail for what they lost and did not accept when they rejected what was given to them in the begining. They went to the UN, they tried with BDS and failed they turned into murderers (not only against Jews, but against the Occidental world). What they don't get to understand is that the World owes nothing to them. They simply lost their oportunities.
They must know that what they lost, is LOST.
Nobody goes to gamble at the Casino and when he looses, he wants his money back. Only a child can dream about that.
This is something the whole World must know !!
3. Ballads members are Moslem Arabs Christian Arabs & Atheists
SeparateBefore2Late ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.30.17)
The entire spectrum of Arabs who live in Israel is represented in
Ballad when will we realize we must separate from them
we are 6.6 million Jews that's no enough either we need to
get to 10 million to really be secure here more births more
aliya until then we are sitting on a tinder box with these
enemies from within. If an adult doesn't take charge soon
and scrap excessive self destructive Tel Aviv "Liberal "Western Cultural
norms the enemy and Left will use these to bring Israel to its
knees and final destruction and the hope of a Jewish Home
lost forever make no mistake this is our last chance of a place
in the sun to call our own. Lest you think Christian Arabs are
our friend let me remind you the major source of anti Israel
boycott support among mainline American Christians is because
of the rabid hate of Israeli Arab and " West Bank" Christians to
Jews not just Israel. Palestinian Moslems stab us with their
knives Palestinian Christians stab us with their tongues.
4. I am no lawyer but
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.30.17)
Zoabis calling for overthrow of the state 'with spirit and blood' This sounds, feels, tastes and looks like incitement to violence and murder Is this not a criminal offence? Zoabi the only way she can prove herself is not through working for her communities and electorate but by parading in front of the cameras in her 'look at me finger wagging poses' And what of the other half of this comical duo Silly Tubby Tibby himself Leading the demo in Jerusalem post the murders of 2 Israeli policemen firing up the crowds by making up stories and lies about Israel of 'taking over Al Quds' all in front of the worlds this incitement that led directly to further deaths?...TIBI HAS SERIOUS QUESTIONS TO ANSWER...
5. moisherabeynu
moishe   (08.30.17)
you can't make peace with a people that want to kill each other and you for good measure!
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