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Japan's Aso retracts Hitler comment after criticism
Published: 30.08.17, 09:57
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1. Japan is unrepentant needs reminding
JapanIsRacist ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.17)
Japan sees itself as a victim of World War 2
Emphasising it's being bombed using
The Atomic Bomb but refuels
Prays at. It's major Shinto fascist
Shrine honoring the suicide bombers kamakazi
And war criminals honoring these
Murders memories
Japan needs reminding maybe
Korea that suffered from the Japanese sent them a "Reminder"
2. Perhaps he was ignorant of the fact that
Hitler was in the final stages of syphilis?

Absolutely the most ignorant statement ever!
3. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Arnishel Ross ,   Canada   (08.30.17)
The same can be said about Harry Truman who signed off the the 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Does Aso agree with that?
4. Fact Hitler HAD syphilis
he was nuttier than a fruit cake.
Google it.
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