Abbas's Ramallah palace to be turned into a national library
Liad Osmo
Published: 30.08.17, 11:56
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1. $6m Mausoleum to WHITE ELEPHANTS is NOTHING
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.30.17)
Compared with the $100m BLOOD MONEY per annum reputedly GIVEN FREE to support the families on Abbas GRAVY TRAIN FOR LIFE for 'sacrificing' a child to commit murder and terrorism Such EYE WATERING amounts BLEEDING Palestinian Society DRY Then we have the $2 BILLION Birthday Present EVERY YEAR GIVEN by the PA to Hamas WITHOUT ANY Transparency or Accountability or SAY Abbas financial cronies couldn't organise a supermarket shop let alone a national BUDGET
2. palestinian ministry of culture?
BBB   (08.30.17)
AKA Murder Inc.?
3. "Hebron First", then we take Ramallah down too! Enough of
this perfidy.
Never was there, never will be there a "Palestine" on Jewish soil.
What's so hard to comprehend...?
4. ""We are staying here on our land""
tiki ,   belgium   (08.30.17)
A Palestinian Library, """"""funded by the Palestinian Authority""""" and other donors?

Wonder what culture will be exposed in this library?

How to detonate bombs in 40 versions.
How to knife Jews from 20 different angles.
The story of 'how I axed a Jew to death and my moment of total joy'.
Celebrating killed Jews & Israeli's & Christians & others.
Show our best export article.....ramming cars into innocent people.
Pictures of bombed out buses!
Pictures of hijacked planes!
A movie about little sweet Pal children blowing themselves up.
How to embezzle billions (but only for the leaders).
Lectures about how to brainwash the next generation.

This Palestinian Library & cultural center of $ 6000 000 will be one of a kind,

And we stupid EU thought that Pallies are deprived and need help??
5. "Palestinians" will torment us till we let "Palestine" fall
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.30.17)
Why shouldn't our "Palestinian" foes stay on our Jewish land and torment us? The dumb Israeli government is building houses for them here! Israel showers them with electricity, food, money, materials, work permits etc. as they bomb, maim, murder, boycott and demonize us at will. "Palestinians" have an incredibly sweet deal. They will stay on our land till Israel ends the madness and lets evil fictional "Palestine" fall.
6. One day WE, the Isaelis, will build a "Museum of Muslim
Barbarity Towards Jews" where / when we see it fit, but sure a hell it won't be in "Ramallah".
Until then: dream on about the 72 virgin, burka-clad Fatimas.
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