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NATO fears Russian war games to turn into invasion
Ynet and Associated Press
Published: 30.08.17, 18:46
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1. Wake up Trump
Morice ,   toronto   (08.30.17)
Whilst Trump is playing around in the USA with" theatrical shows" and ignoring Putin, the latter shows a smiling face to Trump and his so called military advisers who in turn are also blind to Putin's showmanship. Putin meanwhile is openly building up his military power in the Middle East and Eastern Europe right under the noses of Trump and Co .To me the USA are comic book and movie picture heroes and they seem only capable of attempting to prove to the world thru these avenues their power. Wake up Trump and try to see the light before it is to late. Stop your hiring and firing and select the right men around you who are capable of making the USA a military power again and not the paper tiger it is.
But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance ,let's face the threats and dance.
3. Could be already too late for USA to rebound. Sell your $$$$
4. NOTHING will happen...Zzzzzzzzzzzz
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.30.17)
5. Moscow has an even longer record...
mark ,   USA   (08.31.17)
of using an international crisis to invade neighbors
besides recent track record of using exercises.
Then again...
Georgia I can understand...Caucuses Mts natural land
Barrier to Southern Russia, however gouge passage
Highly developed road route for islamists to abuse.
That is if Georgia does not remain in Moscow orbit.
Hence the invasion and war, which settled road issue.
Next, Ukraine equally hard to understand, too much history.
It does not make sense, that is unless you view Arab Spring as
an unfolding disaster that Washington ie Obama/HRC
blew off.
Now, West is all confused that Moscow is acting in its
own interests cause it see West as particularly unable
to meet the challenge of islamic terrorism.
But in a world where up is down and down is up
Huge public inability to support its elected representatives
MSM media acting as 5th column cheerleaders.
Who is to say, the observations that Russia sees as USA weakness.
Where not manufactured so it can take the actions it has

6. Remember EU leaders begging Trump to stay in NATO?
Cameron   (08.31.17)
The heavy-handed Russians still have the Europeans spooked.
7. The wayNATO et al has threatened to nuke Moscow and/or shoot
Rivkah   (08.31.17)
down President Putin's plane when he went to the G-8 Summit in Berlin so that he was three hours late, having to fly around the danger zone countries, it would not be surprising if the military exercise turned into an invasion. Why does NATO et al want to nuke Moscow? Because President Putin plans to announce Nibiru in November for people to get prepared for Earth changes before it is too late to prepare. Nibiru is the outermost planet of the Nemesis twin Sun to our Sun that is a burned out black star that rotates around our Sun every 3600+ years. It causes a Pole Shift and the plates of the Earth to shift with catastrophic changes from the pull on the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Forbes Magazine had a picture of what the USA will look like after the passing by of Nibiru. Earth Changes, a book by Bill Hutton shows other changed from Edgar Cayce and a Immanuel Vilikovski's studies (Worlds in Collision). Russia has bunkers for their entire population with a five year wheat supply that President Clinton gave them according to defector former KGB Colonel Stanislav Lunev. BO also took the US Strategic grain reseves in 2009 and put that on 400 railroad cars and put it on ships in Seattle and who knows where it went or if it was dumped into the Pacific Ocean. He should be charged with treason along with the Clintons. Yes, war is quite possible.
8. Putin is a coward, being always afraid to lose power
Neo ,   EU   (08.31.17)
All Putin can is to spread fear, that is how dictators always tried to control the people. More Putin has not to offer! I am even sure Putin himself is angst-ridden! He fears to lose control and have to pay for his crimes!
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.31.17)
Russian war games are exercise to keep a bloated militry active and to impress Russian public that military is needed. fact; no country wants to invade Russia. peace and trade makes more sense. Russia should devote resources to consumer goods rather than military economy which does not benefit people and eats up limited resources. this is Putin and company way to stay in power. same can be said of West. too much military. there are enough nukes and missiles to deter attack. and..Kim is playing games as well.and.. so is Iran.
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