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Report: Russia stations S-400 batteries near Iranian arms factory in Syria
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 31.08.17, 11:57
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1. But most importantly: "Putin loves Jews", just like the
Imaginary Friend in the skies, he's simply full of appreciation & warm feelings towards his "special friends" ,.....BUT: they must be punished from time to time... LOL!
2. Just like settlements
WIZ ,   OTTAWA   (08.31.17)
Build build build. Isnt that what majority of Israelis believe? So why cant the arabs build more obstacle to peace. Same things chicos
3. This is NOT as simple as it sounds
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.31.17)
Wheels within wheels within wheels

Irans clear aim to take over and 'muscle in' Syria and Lebanon will be resisted by Russia. Russia will not tolerate any undermining of its position viz the Syrian State

Any attempt by Hezbollah to turn Lebanon into the 'Islamic Republic of Lebanon' will be met by an apocalyptic resistance by Lebanese patriots

Irans aim to take over Yemen will be resisted by Saudi Arabia who would rather fight now than wait until Yemen became another outpost of Iranian hegemony on her doorstep

Irans attempts to seize control of the Arabian Gulf with close waters 'testing' of international resolve will be resisted

But it is in Iraq where there are significant changes. Flushed with military success and confidence Iraqis both Sunni and Shia and more united than ever are much less accepting about Irans destructive meddling and are ready to show them the door

4. So much for Bibi's "power of persuasion"
Disillusioned   (08.31.17)
"Mr Security" proves once again that his finger has long not been on the pulse. He's been living on past glory, but it's over. He's a spent force. Kaput.

Putin's sole interest is Russia. He doesn't give a hoot for Israel or for his "friend" Bibushka, or for anything but Russian dominance, which was helped significantly by Obama returning to cold war status with Russia, and now even more so by the internal instability created by Trump, which is leading to world instability.
5. Missing Obama? Clinton? 1
Avi L.   (08.31.17)
Our Dear Leader Bibi, out of some ego driven delusion, alienated part of the US politicians and public interfering in US politics.
He did all he could to sink Clinton, who seemed to be a level head friend of Israel, ready to counter USSR imperialism, this in order to make president a serial business failure with, according to many, a few psychological issues beyond some murky connections on the soviet side.

Not for nothing some called Donald, still during the elections, the Manchurian Candidate.

Now, instead of having a pro West and pro Israel president, backing Israel's reasonable demands, Pale Blue Hair Bibi (Israel) is left alone to deal with a superpower, with the rest of the world.

Bibi The Great is reduced to beg the UN and Putin.

While Putin is protecting Iran's axis.
6. Missing Obama? Clinton? 2
Avi L   (08.31.17)

Now were are the "special friends" Bibi was boasting of?

"Special friends" that leave Israel alone or are defending Israel's worst enemies?

Bibi megalomania and incapacity to think beyond his daily approval rate brought the country to clash with the might of the USSR without allies. Maybe some Sierra Leone or other great diplomatic achievement with some Pacific island will tip the balance of power in Israel's favor.

Let's remember Bibi megalomaniac declarations of a few months ago when he threatened Putin's USSR
"Netanyahu: I told Putin we either coordinate or clash"

Where is Donald when Israel is being threatened by those who want to destroy Israel and who deny the Shoa?

Where is the guy who promised anything to everybody?

But the main question is, what the other guy will do, the guy who was drolling of pleasure when the first one promised eternal glory and power.

His blinding megalomaniac ego brought Israel in the worst situation since 1973 or 1948.

Bibi is not good for the Jews
7. The F35s are not only for Yom Ha'azmaut flypasts.Niether are
Alan ,   SA   (08.31.17)
other Israeli weapons Im sure Israel is working on some great strategies.Dont worry about Iran and Russia.All Suni States want both out of M E just as much as Israel does.
8. Israel has the S-400 schematics- no problem to penetrate.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.31.17)
Israel already knows how to defeat the S-400, it's just not ready to show its hand. But if construction gets to a point that Israel cannot allow, the factory will be wiped off the planet, I assure you.

Bibi and Putin know how this game ends: Israel obliterates the factory, Iran loses face, prestige, and lots of money (that Obama gave him), and Putin gets data on how to improve the S-400. Israel and Russia win, Iran and Syria lose, just what Bibi and Putin planned.

Most likely the factory will be destroyed while the S-400 systems are 'mysteriously' turned off because Russia doesn't want the USA to see them in operation. Either way, unless this factory begins to produce kitchen appliances very soon, everyone working in the place is walking dead.
9. looks like we might just need the F35
zionist forever   (08.31.17)
If we want to do something about this arms production facility its clear the F16 isn't going to be able to do the job this time so hopefully the F35 can. We do though also have though the Jericho surface- surface missiles and submarine launched cruise missiles.

Best thing to do now is skip Trump and quiet speak withbthe Senatiors & Congressmen who we know are friendly with let them put the pressure on Trump to try do something and we need to also remind Hezbollah that if they attack us we will not only go to war but we will flatten Beirut. and Assad tell him if he ever gets any crazy ideas of letting Hezbollah attack from his soil it will be considered a Syrian declaration of war and the IDF will take action.

Assad feels empowered and its time for Israel to lay down the law or we will find a permanent threat from Iran, Syira and Lebanon.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.01.17)
MULLAHS. He is got the best job on earth. He profits from every major compnay in Russia and he practically owns Russia and China.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.01.17)
You can tell the mullahs, Israel has a new technology and you need to upgrade, and it costs another Billion blah blah blah. I guess, you know the drill. Israel will take teh comission, of course! See! Win Win situation!
12. Build Iran Build
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.01.17)
Payback will be a bitch.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.01.17)
COME ON! You can sell that to the mullahs. It is time to upgrade, dude!
14. netanyahu got played like a fool by putin
geroge   (09.02.17)
bibi sucked up to putin and got played. all intelligence that he relayed went right over to nasrollah and assad. bibi is so nervous about the military situation that he tried his utmost to get putin to rein in hezbollah. this netanyahu isno soldier, not at all. he should have been thrown out of the idf. he has no clue as to what is going on and what to do.

if the 6 million had guns and missiles, a good many would have fired back. bibi has the guns and missiles and acts like he is israeli leader has to be calm and measured and able to take action.

since sharon's death, we have no decisive leader. olmert had no idea of what he was doing militariliy, livni had blinders on, peretz was disconnected from reality, and bibi is not much better. he has no clue as to what to do. he should really contemplate his situation and announce that he would step down in favour of a leadership convention. saar, the other likudniks, bennett, barkat and o thers can compete and join in the elections to follow.
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