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French police warn farmers against Jewish chicken thieves
Itzchak Tessler
Published: 31.08.17, 18:47
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1. Yes only to raise awareness
Joseph ,   USA   (09.01.17)
Of how anti-Semitic they are
2. And NOW they're onto the cradle of "Terror". We've been
found out at last, Oy Vey!
3. france and chicken
tomer ,   jerusalem   (09.01.17)
Actually france should warn its jews (and muslim) against french chicken.
bird flu makes its rounds in france.
4. Kaparot shall be the undoing of La Republique, what a shame!
5. From dominating finance and media to stealing chickens
Avi L.   (09.02.17)
The proof Jews don't own the world LOL
6. France is correct in prohibiting the Kaparot.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.04.17)
There are several old customs practiced by Haredim that need to be prohibited since they affect sensitivities of people outside their clique. It is high time to change those customs and the even the entire religion. The World cannot tolerate a religion that refuses to accommodate a modern way of living and preferences of the majority. Cliques ought to move to private quarters where nobody sees or hears them and the majority is not offended.
7. No forgiveness
Ed ,   USA   (09.05.17)
To state the obvious: you can't be forgiven if you use a stolen chicken. One sin doesn't atone for another. Hard to believe Jews are stealing chickens for kapparot.
8. Old ritual
Terrence Parker ,   Glen Cove   (09.07.17)
I think the ritual of Kaparot is very barbaric and should stop. It is sad that religion does not care for the welfare of animals. G'd does not "need" the blood of the animals.

Get over it, it is an old outdated ritual.
9. I hope they've put Inspector Clouseau on the case!
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