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Washington tells Russia to close consulate, buildings in US
Published: 31.08.17, 20:34
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1. Conspiration theory: maybe it's a smoke-screen to distract
from the "fact" that there was/is collusion of interest between Trump-Putin?
I don't believe it, but it COULD be. It's a relatively easy, bloodless, cheap way to assure big noise about ....nothing in essence.
2. Putin succeeded
Avi L.   (09.01.17)
Putin succeeded.

NATO is headless, Turkey isn't reliable anymore, lil' sultan erdo wouldn't allow his territory to be used against Putin's USSR who gave him S300, the way Turkey did it in Irak.

Putin can cut the gas supply to Europe, who will fold instantly knowing not to have anymore the military means nor the guts to try and resist the taking of the baltic countries, or help some other "minority".

"Who wants to die for Vilnius?", not Donald for sure

Putin will push his advantage to the breaking point and further.
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