Why shouldn't Meni Naftali be allowed to sue the prime minister?
Shahar Ginossar
Published: 31.08.17, 23:35
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1. "Above the law"?!And the present witch-hunt is WHAT exactly?
2. According to the Leftist Zombies, if it helps them getting
rid of the "corrupt" (because they just know that for fact) Bibi, even magnetic polar-reversal is welcomed!
3. Mr. Ginossar, you are absolutely correct, great article.
David ,   Tel Aviv   (08.31.17)
4. He is no patriot he endangers Israel's security
Ego&LeftistPolitics ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.01.17)
He is a lethal cocktail of personal ego and Leftist Politics both of
which threaten the security of this little country surrounded from
without and from within with lethal enemies he is no patriot
yes he has the right the legal right but not the moral right
to threaten Israel's elected Prime Minister with all the pressures
he has in this position , he is no patriot shame on him
5. For every cigar he smoked/glass of Champagne he drank you,
the dumb, clueless, uneducated Israeli, got tenfold in "wellness"/sense of security/ financial independence/ international recognition& respect than you(we) ever deserved.
Did he "cut corners"? Probably so.
Did the "others"? Certainly so.
What's your REAL beef with Bibi, you brainless nincompoops!?
6. The right to sue.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.01.17)
Meni Naftal is just a small light, discovering that his personal vendetta against the PM puts him in the media spotlight and gives him the 'status of importance & recognition (and $$) he so desperately is looking for.

Without this....who is he?

All losers show the same pattern.
7. When will Media EVER investigate the PERES MILLIONS ?!
ThePeresCoverup ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.01.17)
Now's the time to shame and challenge the hypocritical media
to ask why they covered up all the financial and other scandals
of the Peres and Rabin Eras everyone knows they never will
so someone needs to start digging and publishing the
coverups of these too thankfully there are now enough
powerful nationalist medias that will get these scandal out
do it !!!!
8. 1 law for all 120 not one for Netanyahu another for the rest
zionist forever   (09.01.17)
As the author points out MKS are immune from libel suits and Netanyahu is an MK. so he has that same immunity that Bennet, Herzog, Liberman,, Zouabi, Gal-On and every other MK has.
You want to remove Netanyahu's immunity then all the other 119 MKS must loose that right or Netanyahu keeps it and all the others do, we have 1 law for all 120 MKS
9. A lawsuit would be pointless, now.
Brad   (09.04.17)
Ginossar has already adjudicated the case as prosecutor, jury, and judge. With geniuses like Ginossar, the courts are not needed. After all, journalists know everything. Right? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
10. Police threatened woman who acused him Hello Feminists! ?
PhonyHumanRighters ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.04.17)
We now know thanks to Arel Segal of Arutz 20 that the
police threatened the woman who accused Naftali
of sexual misconduct with overnight arrest if she
persisted and just where are the" Feminists the
Human Rights Activists the MEDIA ? These hypocrites are
NOWHERE to be found as they could care less
about her their goal is to get Netanyahu does
anyone believe anything the Left says or
does anymore they have lost all credibility with the public
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