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European Jewish Congress sees rising anti-Semitism in Poland
Associated Press
Published: 01.09.17, 08:58
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1. Palestinians have been marrying Poles for a generation
PalestinPolishCntion ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.01.17)
Palestinians have been marrying Polish women for a generation here
there is a large Arab and especially anti Semitic Palestinian population
in Poland many fled there after 9/11 for some strange reason ?!!
Polish tours here are led by anti Semitic guides from Poland or
Polish speaking anti Semitic Palestinian guides and drivers or
anti Semitic Polish priests bizarrely Israel is the platform for
promoting Anti Semitism in the world as many vehemently Anti
Semitic church and other groups land here daily their only
purpose for coming is hate 'Hate Tours" absolute chaos
in the already chaotic Ministry of Tourism yes we promote
our own demise" Hate Tours Inc. "
2. "Jew has knifed Polish policeman",after Israeli arab did it
ab   (09.01.17)
that's the recen't argument in talkbacks on terrorism in Polish press after the incident last week-and Israeli Embassy and Ynet play along being PC and not mentioning it was an Arab.
It also shows Polish anti-Semites don't need arguments,anything goes.
3. To all idiots proclaiming "most camps were in Poland": it's
because MOST of the intended victims were living there already, you cretins with no basic knowledge!
Are Poles antisemitic "by birth/mother's milk" & so on?
YES, very much so.
Are the British? Yes very much so.
Poles are more honest/open/stupid about it, but also more "assertive" when it comes to persecuting us.
That fact AND the fact that they never reached a status of Power-Player after the WW2 (despite large population/land-mass) makes them favorites when it comes to finger-pointing.
I wouldn't want to live there (again), that's for sure.
I'd worry more about the seismic changes at US-campuses...
Europe is a no-go territory for Jews, always has been always will be.
4. 'The right wording'
tiki ,   belgium   (09.01.17)
The latest attempt of the Polish Government to whitewash themselves is a TV campaign (in English) about the Nazi Camps not being Polish Nazi camps but German Nazi camps where only German Nazi's committed the atrocities against the Jews and Poland was just a victim and an occupied country.

They only forgot to mention that the German Nazis found very fertile ground in Poland to build their extermination camps for Jews.
5. Mayor of Lod attacked by Muslim worshipers why no report?
6. Remember all those Polish jokes?
BBB   (09.01.17)
They're all true based on the idiocy of anti semitism
CAPTAIN SARCASTIC ,   SAFED CYNIC HOUSE   (09.01.17) don't say.
8. Confession of Nazi Pole
Abu Janusz ,   Sieradz   (09.03.17)
Totally believable article you have there. I also want to add that every village in Poland has its own tiny death camp, complete with cute gas chamber and medical experiments facility - my people are building them from their own money just to provide some entertainment for all those German tourists, totally innocent of what happened here 60 years ago. Jew hunting is most popular social game here - we hire some poor Ukrainian, dress him up in shtreimel and proceed to shoot him with paintball guns (cause we are too cheap to hire new ones after each game, which would be necessary if the real guns were real). Whoever shoot the Jew in his hat gets pack full of bagel and string of gold teeths made of chocolate. Also currently most fashionable male baby name in Poland - second only to Brajan - is Almawtli. Almawtli Israil LOL
9. Funny, this eternal love/hate relationship between the two..
10. Suprise,suprise! Now that is news!
Alan ,   SA   (09.14.17)
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