Mr. Prime Minister, we are not against you, we are for Israel
Ben Dror Yemini
Published: 01.09.17, 17:02
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1. Why is Yemini mixing potatoes& oranges? Gifts are one thing,
policy-changes/"alienation" of Us-Jewry is something altogether different!
And no, journalists are not innocent truth seekers /defenders of Israel, they are by all means political tinkers!
With a clear cut slant...
2. ben-dror yemini is here spot on.
tomer ,   jerusalem   (09.01.17)
3. Great article and to the point.
Yossi ,   Israel   (09.01.17)
I am not a political person, I don't care if left or right.
What concerns me are the scandals upon scandals, ranging from years ago.
Bed on the airplane for example, and if i'm not mistaken, Mr Prime Minister reply, oh I didn't know it cost so much.
Oh...gifts, hundred of thousands of shekel.
Well,..one could auction them off and donate to charity, the poor.
One can also politely refuse the cigars and suggest perhaps, how about a donation for a good cause? Expensive cigars doesn't do anyone any good.
Use your influence for the sake of Israel and the people less fortunate than yourself.
4. same old agument we are not against Israel - where have I
jos rechtman ,   la   (09.01.17)
heard that one...same argument of anti-Israel crowed used. We are not against Jews we are against Israel govt. policy. How about getting a more original idea. Ask the NGOs to help you think of one. They will be happy to...
5. Many media people wants Bibi gone at any cost to Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.01.17)
Yemini expresses a nice sentiment, but it is mostly not true. Many media people want Bibi gone at any cost to Israel. This is why they make a scandal for Bibi out of some tiny thing (like cigars) they would have ignored by a leftist P.M. they liked. Bibi has supplied many years of mostly good governance and that should easily trump silly little fake scandals. The only remedy is for people to invest heavily in bringing patriotic media to Israel.
6. But you see you AREA AGAINST THE PEOPLE not just Netanyahu
Once again the ever confused Yemini ( Smolini ?) misses the point
that all the media misses the attacks against Netanyahu were
seen by the masses not as an attack on him or Likudniks
but on the masses themselves on patriotic
you and they still dont get it do you? and probably
never ever will but who cares the people
now feel free to challenge you all in the media admittedly
it was too long in coming one of Netanyahu's shortcomings
but it is here better late than never despite all the damage
you and other Post Zionists have caused !!!!!!! and in no
small thanks to MR Adelson who took the power from[
you and turned it around on you and gave a voice
to the masses God bless Adelson and more power to him
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