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Russia threatens 'tough response' to shut down of its US missions
Associated Press
Published: 01.09.17, 16:07
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1. Russia is upset that missile defense systems were put into
Rivkah   (09.01.17)
nations that border Russia, something President Reagan promised would never happen. This tit for tat shut down of consulates and expulsion of diplomats is not helping. Two analysts told Texan "Health Ranger" Mike Adams ( that Hurricane Harvey was a HAARP Over The Horizon Electromagnetic weather weapon enhanced storm. It looks like Hurricane Irma is being enhanced into a superhurricane, too. That needs to be deflected by HAARP Norway or HAARP Alaska since only a HAARP can deflect a HAARP attack. That is what needs to be addressed and stopped.
2. The Russian welfare monkey.
Brad   (09.02.17)
Who did Russia ever defeat that wasn't ridiculously weak? Only the Eastern front Nazis, with gobs of U.S. money, U.S. equipment, and U.S. built factories, not to mention a dirty little non-aggression pact with Japan. Even then, the Russians nearly blew it. If it weren't for the Russian civilians hard work, and their suffering the lion's share of the casualties, the "mighty red army"(puke), would've lost. Oh by the way, none of that special U.S. Treatment was ever paid back surprise surprise. Russian "firmness" only exists when Russia is babied.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.03.17)
Keep playing catch up with each other while your citizens suffer through this stupid charade.
4. President Trump: Please re-open the Russian consulate in
Rivkah   (09.03.17)
San Francisco. There are over 240,000 Messianic Jewish Russians in Central California to be an example for Americans in godly and frugal living who have a Saturday Sabbath. I have met some of them at meetings in Stockton years ago and they are serious about their faith and remaining godly as an example to Americans. They say there are ungodly spirits in America that they did not run into in Russia and that needs prayer support of many to dispel so that Americans are not as vulnerable to spirits of homosexuality and fornication and violence.
5. Russian consulate my butt.
Brad   (09.03.17)
Espionage installation is more like it. Make the democrats call up the Kremlin to give up our sensitive information.

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