Opinion  Nahum Barnea
What's new in Assadistan?
Nahuma Barnea
Published: 01.09.17, 23:31
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1. Pilot Program? really? look at the stewardess he picked!
proving...100% for sure this man can-not fly!
2. It's US uses Israel to keep producing LIES on Syria/Iran
Z.Latz ,   israel   (09.02.17)
3. First reasonable analysis from Imbecile Barnea
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.02.17)
Most likely that this is reasonable because he borrowed it from others.

In any case Netanyahu has to pursue diplomatic course as well as the Imbecile mentions in the middle of the article.
4. Bibi-obsessed Barnea knows the real situation and is ready
to present it to the UN...?
So predictable this Tool is.
5. It's all so nebulous excepted Iran's murderous will
Avi L.   (09.02.17)
Assad owes his survival to Iran and to it's proxy hezballah.

Putin cannot tell Iran to leave Syria. The same for Assad, since beggars are not choosers (like Bibi).

Left alone alawis would be massacred by the sunnis. Syria will turn into some kind of Iranian protectorate.

Iran will stay, negotiating with Putin, who in the end will acknowledge Iran's regional (nuclear) power.

And still no program to defend Israeli civilians from the hundreds of thousands of missiles that will rain down excepted moving ammonia plants.

How many systems are needed to stop tens of thousands incoming missiles per day? And how many interceptors? How much money?

Who thinks that Donald will do anything excepted stopping Israel to defend itself?

Thanks Bibi The Great, thanks for centering all of Israel existence around staying in power. Thanks also to the rest of the politicians who did more or less the same, not caring about the Israeli people, letting social dumping and shameless wealth concentration to take place, bickering over their own glory while letting all this happen.

Thanks for nothing
6. While politicians bickered Iran pushed forwards
Avi L.   (09.03.17)
While our politicians bickered, postured, stole (Deri, Olmert etc), raped (Katzav), rampaging the country for their own interest or vanity or both, lulled by having dealt for the last decade with Hamas and Fatah and similar, having declared that Israel had never been so secure ... during this time Iran, steadily, singlemindedly, murderously, advanced, push, inched towards its goals.

Magniloquent pundits spreading their delusions, pulling from some hat some nonsense and selling to the Israeli public false sense of security.

The last Lebanon war has been the best example of a total fashla caused by a false sense of "know it all", everything improvised, uncoordinated as if it was enough to show the flag for everybody to run away.

How sad.
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