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From terrorist to the face of the Palestinian struggle
Amir Bogen
Published: 02.09.17, 14:07
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1. Still no Memorial plaque at that supermarket
NewUSArabinfluence ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.02.17)
As far as I know there is still no plaque memorializing the two
students killed outside the Supersol Supermarket on Rehov
Agron ( plaques should also be in the international language
English) let the world know about these murders.
America is now along with Israel dealing with a new reality
in the US a very large wealthy and politically active Moslem
and Arab Christian population fanatically anti Israel and
anti Semitic as well. I recently spoke with a Syrian Orthodox
Christian in Boston who is 4th generation American and
he was vehemently anti Semitic together with new Moslem immigrants
they pose an even stronger threat not only to Israel but to
what's left of American Jewry.
2. Left wing as usual alongside terrorists - womens march
Zushi   (09.02.17)
3. Let's hope she comes close enough so we can neutralize her.
That would've been a fitting ending for this Muslim fascist.
She should've been pig fodder long time ago.
4. That EVIL & UGLY witch should be treated like Osama...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.02.17)
5. America is full of babbling leftwing nutjobs..
Brad   (09.02.17)
They hate Israel and they hate Christians, but they're in love with Muslim terrorists. In the Koran, Allah commands the Muslim "BELIEVERS" to kill Christians and Jews. He doesn't call on "radical Muslims", or "disaffected Muslim youth", the "moderate Muslims" or any other stupid western media inspired names designed to protect Muslims from responsibility. Allah calls on the Muslim "Believers" to do the killing, the raping, the murdering, and the mayhem. That means if you're a Muslim, you're expected to do it. Let the babbling nutjobs in America suffer the results of their wicked stupidity, while the real Americans clean up the leftwing mess, as usual.
6. Making peace between Israel and Arabs will defeat her forevr
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.02.17)
7. What a monster. The courts were to easy on her.
DOV ,   USA   (09.02.17)
8. The ugly face of muslim terrorism
Dave ,   Richmond, VA   (09.03.17)
9. Arab Influence growing in US's burgeoning Moslem America
ChangingAmerica ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.05.17)
No one knows exactly how many million Moslems have
arrived one way or another in the last 40 years to America
some say 4-7 million but no one really knows , the
Moslem population has very quickly caught on to
the importance to them of politics mostly congregated
in the swing states who make Presidents NY California
Virginia Michigan Massachusetts Georgia they are fast becoming
a powerful force to be reckoned with . Powerful and
influential business people who have brought the
"Middle Eastern " way of doing business have also
created as never before along with Anti Semitic
Arab American Christians African and Hispanic Americans
the Leftist Academic Word and their proxy CNN
a very dangerous and growing anti Israel anti Semitic
powerhouse . The America Israel knew is changing
and not for the good. White American Anti Semitism
could be added to the list but compared to the
others it is negligible in fact the last bastion
of pro Israel sentiment in US is the White Anglo
Saxon American which "liberal" "Jews" have made
the enemy.....
10. Shoot it now, before it escapes.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (09.07.17)
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