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Kashrut fees raised on Jerusalem business over new Russian partner
Yael Friedson
Published: 02.09.17, 18:10
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1. kashrut fees
Maurice Rosenfeld ,   Antwerp   (09.02.17)
This is typical of the religious establishment. Their only interest is money. If they need to steal or lie to obtain money they will. It is in their culture
2. Mr
Steve Gure ,   Coconut Creek   (09.02.17)
Organized crime in the name of religion
3. I suggest the Imaginary Friend collects "protection fees" by
Let's see how much we have to pay without the middle man?
4. Jews jewing Jews, poetic
Steve Benassi   (09.03.17)
5. These kashrut rabbis are 100% crooks! Shame on them
6. This story rings untrue
Manny Miller   (09.12.17)
The Rabbinate charges according to size, the number of tables chairs, menu etc.
They have a fixed formula for the fee of the certificate.
Simple as that.
It has nothing to do with the origins of the owner, employees etc.
If the Rabbinate doesn't trust someone, then they will not issue a certificate....Period...
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