Time for a doggy vacay! Bring your pup to Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 02.09.17, 21:55
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1. to the writer of this article
Sternberg Rosa ,   Tel Aviv   (09.03.17)
Why dont you write about "tolat haparkim" (spirocerca lupi) ? it is very dangerous! the dogs need a shot at the vet before returning!!!!
2. wow-vaccation... starts drugged in a cage from NYC to TLV
epo   (09.03.17)
and then you will let that dirty infested dogs stroll on the beach or what?

none of you dog and cat owners care really for your pets.
ALL of them are run down and they are suffering badly.

the worst ego-trip of mankind is keeping a pet.
3. But...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.17)
The advert is great but except **maybe** for TA Israel, sadly, is not a dog welcoming country.
4. So thought the title was gonna be... "Time for doggy style!"
CBC ,   AL, USA   (09.07.17)
Definitely down for shagg'n on Sheinkin! G-d Bless the TA women! And G-d Bless T&A!
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