The Supreme Court is losing the people's trust
Einav Schiff
Published: 02.09.17, 23:43
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1. Are you crazy? Leave the building alone: deport the "Judges"
2. About time!
Heinrich ,   Oslo   (09.03.17)
3. Almost all western countries have a high court
N ,   N   (09.03.17)
and while many high courts are very aloft and mainly act when there's a conflict between constitutional bodies, the supreme court of Israel hears ordinary citizens. Once reduced to a only "constitutional" supreme court (which doesn't interfere with house demolitions), even the Lukidniks will come to miss the old one.
4. High Court's power & jurisdiction has become limitless
C   (09.03.17)
the high court should not have any say in the selection of its members
as it has in present. self selection of the justices preserves the
political nature of the high court.

at present, the jurisdiction of the high court seems limitless.
it is not acceptable that this unelected body should decide
foreign policy and national security matters.
5. High Court's power & jurisdiction have become limitless
C   (09.03.17)
it is not legally or politically acceptable that the members of the high
court be selected by the court. such self selection preserves the
political nature of the court.

nor is it acceptable that the jurisdiction of the court be limitless.
the court should not have jurisdiction over foreign policy and
national security matters.
6. Maurice Solovitz, FB, highly mistaken
C   (09.03.17)
the high court arrogates itself many powers that it does not have legally.
it is an institution that engages in abuse of power.
7. Any More of them & there will be no Israel left its "0 Hour"
&WEcreatedThem!! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.03.17)
If there is not a radical change in this country in many areas
not just the Post Zionist Supreme Court but the brainwashing Post Zionist
Media as well Leftist directing the building or rather obstructing the
building in Judea and Samaria we are truly goners . For too long
the masses of Israelis have been indifferent to the bigger plan
busy as they were and are to daily survival but they must pay
more attention or their will be no survival for them or their
children many don't even vote the Left and Right of the political
scene here is scary as there is only a plurality of 3 Knesset Member
to the Right and in an election because of this indifference we
could bring upon ourselves another Oslo God forbid!
8. New Judge brought thousands of Palestinians into country
AnotherPostZionist? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.05.17)
the newly appointed Judge the Supreme Court was
responsible for the "Palestinian Unification Program " which
allowed tens of thousands of Arabs from the West Bank
and Jordan to move to Israel and become citizens in
family unification programs they were given Israeli
Citizenship social benefits and of course continued
their anti Israel Anti Semitic activities so just who
is this woman are we in for more of the same
madness from the Supreme Court that will bring
about our national suicide by a Post Zionist Judge ?
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