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Israeli movie Foxtrot frontrunner to win Golden Lion
Associated Press
Published: 02.09.17, 23:43
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1. Yet another Leftist "Savior" "Director" another "Loser" Film
SelfHateAnIllness ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.03.17)
Another Leftist "Artist" come to save the Jewish People from themselves
it looks like a boring "Yawner" played Tel Aviv's Cinematique and in back alley theatres with an audiences of rabid Jew hating anarchists self hating Jews and the totally dysfunctional no doubt will be big in Ramallah Hope it
receives the "The Ramallah Palestinian Suicide Bomber Film Award "
( a Gold coated statue of a Strapped Suicide Bomber with a Knife) ) Curse those Self Hating Jews directors and actors and actresses that make " a name " for themselves by denigrating the Jewish Homeland to the world .Self Hating Jews an illness for which there is no cure it seems. "The film opens with an affluent Tel Aviv Family" that was enough for me , no relevance to reality in todays Israel as those Ashkenazi Affluent Tel Aviv Families( Ashkenazi & Adler ) mostly have no children or if they did they long ago fled to LA NYC etc the demographics have changed
thankfully the Post Zionist Left is on life support here and none too soon !
2. 40 years in Israel and NEVER saw a pro Israel film
MasochisticNation ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.14.17)
For at least 40 years EVERY Film Theatre Production Television"Documentary " and the most played radio "hits" were ALLAnti Israel Post Zionist Post Judaism in other words themasses of traditional Jews were forced to pay with theirtaxes for their own demise by a small well connected group ofpsychopathic self hating Jews. Jews in name onlythat is Jews by accident of birth that is .Songs that were played over and over on all the stations"Enough of the Conquest Enough of Kiddush" Dai l"KibushDai L"Kiddush" " Don't Call me a people" "Al Tikra li L'Am" Thousands stopped going to the films and theatre herenot wanting to be spit on from the stage. A miracle anyoneeven stayed in this country demoralized as there were24/7 in every aspect. Shame on the Likud for enabling it.
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