PM's former chief of staff identified as suspect in submarine scandal
Eli Senyor
Published: 03.09.17, 19:30
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1. I know the truth: these subs are essential yes, but money
changed hands for sure.
Part& parcel of standard business operating procedures.
Will disclosure/punishment change things?
Does jail/gallows detain people from committing crime?
You tell me.
2. Investigate the Amounts that Bibi paid his lawyers
Outraged Citizen ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.17)
The investigators must also look into the amount if any that Bibi paid his lawyers Shimron and Molcho over the last 10 years plus. What they will probably discover is that for the 1000s and 1000s of hours of legal services which his lawyers provided. Bibi personally paid them very little if anything (for sure below market value) and the submarine deal was the payback which is the "Quid Pro Quo"
3. 2
zionist forever   (09.03.17)
How much Bibi pays his lawyers has nothing to do with the state the lawyer might charge 10 shekel an hour or he might charge 10,000 shekel an hour but how much Bibi pays them is nobodies business than his own. The police themselves have found no evidence of Bibi being involved with the submarine scandal it was people who he knows who were on the take.
I just hope the navy does get the subs when this is all over because they are to replace the Dolphin 1 because by the time these subs would arrive the Dolphin 1 would have reached retirement and the Dolphin 2 approaching midlife.
4. he's clean its his staff that's dirty! right?!
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