Now is the time for a grand maritime strategy
Rear Admiral Oded Gour-Lavie (Res.)
Published: 03.09.17, 20:09
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1. Navy guy likes boats
Avi L.   (09.03.17)
Navy guy likes boats, even loves them, but before thinking about a Grand Marine Strategy let's think about a feasible counter iranian strategy.

Reading from the first article it seems strange at least to count on regional trade when muslim countries are being radicalized in their hatred of Israel.

Regarding China they manage excellently on their own.

Offshore gas plants are already dead in the water, they'll be targeted by Onyx and one hit per platform will be enough.

Israel doesn't seem will get any little coin from Donald, so before dreaming about some Grand Marine Strategy let's find the cash.
2. we need a fairer way of sharing the military budget
zionist forever   (09.03.17)
Right now year in year out the lions share of the budget goes to the air and ground forces and the navy is treated as a poor relative thats gets the scraps.

The best way of doing things would be for the budget to be allocated on a rotating basis.
One year air force gets the priority on what equipment they want, next time its the army who gets priority and the then the navy gets priority, that will mean all branches of the IDF will have equipment they need and we need a chief of staff for each branch of the IDF who can say this is our job, where we want to take the branch we control and the equipment we need for it this way the IDF can work better as a team and it avoids scandals and makes sure we buy the equipment each branch of the IDF need.
3. sounds like a consultant creating his own work
Rafi ,   US   (09.03.17)
4. Ministry of See
Zvi ,   Toronto   (09.04.17)
Do not forget to ask the blessing of the chief Rabbis and do not forget to ask them if you can use the sea on Shabatt
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