UC Irvine puts pro-Palestinian activists on probation for disrupting Israeli event
Itamar Eichner
Published: 04.09.17, 12:50
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1. funded by terrorists and Jew haters
jos rechtman ,   la   (09.04.17)
they stole the land by war, murder, rape, and expulsions of Jews, and now they lay an illegitimate claim to it with oil money. Who paid for the printed t-shirts?
2. A university standing up for free speech?
Ed ,   USA   (09.04.17)
Let's hope the university does not retract the ruling. Not hopeful.
3. Send these lunatics to Arabia!
BBB   (09.04.17)
Or jail which ever is worse.

Thrilled these little pukes are being thumped, FINALLY!
4. This has been going on since the late 60's accross America
Scratch&FindJewHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.04.17)
Its been my personal experience over the years in dealing with
people like those that it only takes about 5 minutes before
the real truth spits itself out and its is always about Jew Hate
sometimes from some imagined offensive encounter with
a Jewish person they met sometimes from rejection by
a Jewish romantic partner there are even US Gay Jew Hating Nazis
Anti Semitism knows no borders what about the mental illness
known as Self Hating Jews we even see this among the
Hollywood Crowd Silverman Larry David he list is long. The
only defense is preparing our youth to understand this and
to be ready to stand tall and proud as Jews.
5. Where is the Vid.
Adasa ,   Los Angeles   (09.04.17)
Why did they remove the video? ð゚ᄂヤ ... violence and this kind of hate, should not be tolerated by the Irvine University.. I wouldn't want my children to attend there.. this type of hate has traveled a long way...
6. UC Irvine decision protects freedom of speech & democracy
C   (09.04.17)
it is outrageous that a group of people takes it upon itself to violate
the freedom of speech of jews on any university campus.
such actions remind me of totalitarian states of all stripes.
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