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Israel to give $1 million in aid to Houston's Jewish community
Associated Press
Published: 04.09.17, 19:46
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1. Pathetic
Josh ,   Denver   (09.04.17)
Spend it on buying good halava instead! hat a joke! One million?!?! Man that's generous.
2. Racist donation
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (09.05.17)
To donate to one community in the US is racist. The US gives Israel 300 plus million dollars a month and during a natural disaster Israel reciprocates by giving back one million to one community. That is aid the US and Jewish community should reject out right. Imagine Italy sending aid for only Italian Americans or Africa sending aid for only Africa Americans or Mexico for only Mexican Americans. Keep your money. If you want to help America reject aid from it next year. That would make me happy. Israel doesn't understand what makes America different from any and all nations. We are many people from many countries and many religions united and in some cases divided as one.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.04.17)
it is better to be able to give than recieve. hope it does not break the bank. Houston Jews will recover quite well, thank you.
4. What about the rest of us?
Sara ,   Galveston   (09.05.17)
Jewish communities in Galveston, Corpus Christi, Missouri City also sustained damage - what about us?
5. # 2 America gives the PA #300 million annually
BBB   (09.05.17)
that is the exact same amount the PA pays to terrorists and dead terrorists families..
for now...
Hopefully, that will end soon.
6. careful where the $$$ goes
oleg ,   Florida   (09.05.17)
This donation will never see day light. The money will be spend on administrative fees and salaries. The jewish charities in the USA is money pit. Keep and give the $$$ to Israeli poor.
7. This is wonderful
Tova ,   Canaa   (09.06.17)
Jews around the world give to Israel and now Israel will give money to Jews in Houston. This is the true Jewish thing to do. As Jews we help all people all over the world. Israel is the world leader in these natural disasters. The United States has learned from Israel about rescue. Israel and the United States have worked together in many areas including military training. Which america has adopted. This is the right thing to do. Jews helping Jews in every corner of the world. For those of you who criticize this - shame shame.
8. How much has the Muslim community given?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (09.08.17)
9. Thank G-d most people aren't as cynical as you.
BBB   (09.08.17)
10. # 2 US gives the PA $300 per year which they give to
BBB   (09.08.17)
to terrorists families as a reward.
Your full of crap.
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