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Nothing comes for free
Nahum Barnea
Published: 04.09.17, 23:48
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1. Bibi, Please go, it's time
Yossi   (09.05.17)
2. Nobody but most hard line readers of Ha'aretz are buying
this propaganda-piece written by the compulsive-obsessive Netanyahu hater/crusader.
Druuuucker as Knight in Shining Armor ??!
Are you without shame,. Sir?
3. unless illict deals are made, number of calls is irrelevant
george   (09.05.17)
ynet tends to write positive articles about ehud barak, herzog, lapid and more recently gabbay.that is their choice. it doesn't bother me. perhaps it bugs bibi because he is thin skinned.

facts matter more than number of phone calls. barak attacks bibi on his phone calls. yet ehud barak had his own problems disordered retreat from Lebanon with millions of dollars of Israeli arms falling into the hands of nasrollah.and under equipping Marmara commandos almost got them killed. that matters more to me than no of phone calls.

that bibi is unaware that some of his senior staff may have engaged in illicit behavior if proven, is more disturbing.

the media has built up their favorites and put down the ones they dislike. for example, shapira p roved that bennett was the only one correct in the gaza war, yet ynet and others do not favour him. they prefer lapid who shapira noted and even gabbay noted did not know what the hell was going in during the war and resisted tough questioning of gantz and yaalon which was needed because they were both wrong.

i prefer bennett by far to bibi. unless you show that the calls he made back and forth to adelson and his staff were illicit or involved illicit deals, i am not interested period.
4. Bibi has the right to speak to anyone he wants to
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.06.17)
Sheldon Edelson is a friend and supporter of Bibi. It is not surprising that Bibi speaks regularly to Edelson. Nor is it anyone's business. Bibi has the right to speak to anyone he wants to. Bibi's desperate, and moronic, leftist opponents are trying to parlay this into something wrong, when it clearly isn't.

Edelson is one of the few Jewish billionaires who uses their vast wealth to help Israel and Jews, unlike the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and especially George Soros, one of the most evil persons on earth.
5. The benefits of Shachar Shalev's self proclaimed elitism
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.06.17)
Hey, Shachar Shalev, it wasn't Bibi, and his supporters, who got nearly 20,000 Israelis maimed and murdered during Oslo alone. It was your leftist Labor Party.

Who revived Israel's economy? Not your leftist Labor Party. It was Bibi and Likud.

But keep on being an obnoxious self proclaimed elitist, Shalev. It gives Israelis yet another good reason to shun the horrible Labor Party and Israeli left.
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