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Haley lays out argument to say Iran not abiding by nuclear deal
Associated Press
Published: 05.09.17, 20:46
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1. she got her script from Bibi & Adelson
2. Nikkie Haley, brilliant, honest
C   (09.06.17)
1 us congress is made up of cowards.

2 us does not have allies. the world is divided between enemies
and cowards.

3 genocidal iran is the most dangerous country in the world.
its alliance with north korea gives it more power in many
ways. north korea depends on iran for moneys and
the psychopath in nk kidnaps young virgins for his
3. .. you think?
doda ,   givatayim   (09.06.17)
4. Is it time for looking at the real problem?
ru88   (09.06.17)
The Iranian and North Korean regimes are just forward links of the Russian anti-American alliance.

Our real problem is the never changing hostility pouring out from Moscow in the shape of active measures.
5. to David in Hadera no, I got my script from surviving Iran!
where did u get urs?   (09.06.17)
6. Remind me, when did Iran attack Minneapolis?
7. Trump did hand N. Korea a huge loss
BBB   (09.30.17)
he prompted China to put extra pressure on N. Korea.
Now, N. Korea is talking to the US.

Iran is next.
8. Didn't you hear the Iranian chants
BBB   (09.30.17)
of "Death to America"

"Death to Israel?"

No need to wait for Minneapolis to be destroyed.

Better Iran than US.
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