Despite recent setbacks, Hezbollah's future is still bright
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.09.17, 23:47
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1. Only 650 Hezbollah Killed?
oleg ,   Florida   (09.06.17)
IDF killed so few something is wrong. After 34 days of war whats going on. With boming day and night by the air force.To defeat an enemy you have to kill and kill until they quit. Last war with Hamas we really lost because we did not kill them enough. Next war in the north we will have to destroy Lebanon completely including their military. Hezbollah is part of Lebanon. Some advice to IDF general staff when you see Hamas fighters parading Gaza send some aircraft and bomb them with Napam like we used in 1967 you be able to kill hundreds in minutes instead fighting them house to house. In war forget morality.
2. How many more thousands of supporters can they afford killed
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.06.17)
in adventures outside Lebanon?

Their enemies inside Lebanon and Syria are just waiting for Hezballah to over extend itself in order to massacre them.
3. do not underestimate nasrollah
jerold   (09.06.17)
it would be a grave error to underestimate nasrollah and his senior command. one has to be honest-he is head and shoulders superior to olmert and peretz, bibi peres and bara. Aside from some rhetorical excesses, he is cool under fire, has staying power and is not isolated.

he always unleashes surprises. israel needs a stronger leader to take the reins. benett can do it. gabbay lapid, livni, bibi do not measure up to nasrollah. hezbollah can be smashed along with lebanon but it will take bennett or feiglin to lead israel to it.
4. And where does that leave Lebanon?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.06.17)
The world has betrayed Lebanon

Just utter devastating SILENCE as the cancer of Hezbollah and Iran slowly devours up the very heart and soul of once was the flower of the Levant

Crushing Lebanons confidence, creativity, assertiveness and ambition and reducing Lebanon to an economic and social basketcase and a glorified Iranian military dump

But all is NOT lost.

Nasrallah or no Nasrallah..Aooooon or no Aoooon

Lebanon WILL prevail

5. Indeed, the Child has many names, but we know it's source:
it's Islam, stupid!
6. thank Iran nuclear deal for US $100 billion gift to spend
Rafi ,   US   (09.06.17)
An abysmal agreement by US, FACILITATED by Bibi's self-centered grand-standing provided Iran the $'s needed to strengthen Hizbollah...

What SHOULD have happened:

- US could have used its military muscle to squeeze Iran into better terms; instead, among other incompetence, Obama Admin announced reductions in US military forces worldwide during negotiations with Iran (Obama's clueless failure);

- Israel should have worked cooperatively and AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE with the US administration (Republican or Democratic) to get the best terms possible for Israel.

Instead Bibi opted for political grand-standing with performances before UN Gen'l Assembly and US Congress to play to his adoring but clueless constituents in Israel for upcoming elections...

In terms of the criitcal negotiations, Bibi's stunts accomplished NOTHING substantively or diplomatically - Meanwhile they needlessly alienated the Obama Admin and shut down all communication between Washington and Jerusalem.

So who pays the price now? IDF and Israeli civilians... But that's OK: Bibi was re-elected, and that's what's important... right?

If there is any justice in Israel, Bibi should be prosecuted for gross dereliction of duty bordering on treason.

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