Opinion  Eitan Haber
There’s no price for an IDF soldier’s blood
Eitan Haber
Published: 06.09.17, 23:37
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1. IT MAY HURT BUT.......
DSM ,   USA   (09.07.17)
It is unfortunate but dead soldiers and POW are the results of war. And there is nothing wrong with trying to bring home POW and even bodies. The only way to insure this is accomplished is to war to final victory, dictate the terms and not let politicians worried about their next election give back terrorist to kill more Israelis. It may sound cruel but the terms of return for Shalit and Etkes is absurd. In fact it brings about more hostage taking. Israel has nothing to prove to the world, but the government has a duty to protect all of it's citizens and returning terrorist to the battlefield is not the way to do it.
2. Exact the price from Hamas and Haber,not from Israel
ab   (09.07.17)
3. Regardless the subject: just look at the name of the author:
it's Haber for Pete's sake!
Of course there's a "price " on a soldier's life!
Just not in the context of "a Haber"
4. Translation: 1.8 million Muslim "freedom fighters' for one
Israeli corpse.
And that sounds reasonable to you, (unlike the "fact" that Bibi may be innocent of the crimes being "glued" onto him?)
Why not indeed: it's a"Haber" piece.
5. This is pure nonsense. What was, was was, as the joke about
our former Foreign minister Levy goes: one doesn't have to stick to insane actions one's entire life. People don't change but nations/ their policies do.
6. Pay price of rescuing captives & executing terrorists
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.07.17)
Israel should be prepared to pay a high price for our precious soldiers and citizens. But not by paying ransom to terrorists, as Haber means. Israel should pay the price of doing what it takes to rescue our captives. Pay the price of executing all "Palestinian" terrorists and severely punishing their families and communities.
7. good thoughtful article- comments by morons notwithstanding
Rafi ,   US   (09.10.17)
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