Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Netanyahu and Bennett’s corrupt deal
Nahum Barnea
Published: 06.09.17, 22:10
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1. Coockeyed imagination
Hayyim Edinburg ,   Ra'anana ISRAEL   (09.06.17)
I am not going beyond Barnea's first paragraph - have not read so much bullshit in a long time!!!
2. Breaking News: Mr.Drucker has uncovered until now un-
known phenomenon that rightly so could be called "horse-trading" in world of politics!!
Stop The Press!!!!!
3. Is Mr. Barnea for real?
Expert   (09.07.17)
Everybody knows that the second or third highest party gets a senior portfolio in return for entering coalition. Mah chadash kan?
4. i do not agree
jeff   (09.07.17)
barnea hates bibi and would grab any canard to boot him out of office. then he can have his heroes gabbay and herzog backed up by olmert as they concede west bank and east Jerusalem.

if bibi offered defense post to Bennett. but don't criticize me , I don't think this is a bribe.

you want crookedness, barnea, examine the conduct of your b\buddy olmert.
5. Amidah Prayer "Give No Hope to Enemies From Within" (Barnea)
TheEnemyWithin ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.07.17)
6. Barnea's manufactured outrage over ordinary politics
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.08.17)
The deal between Bibi and Bennett is ordinary politics. One could agree or disagree with it, but there is nothing corrupt about it. Barnea is manufacturing outrage over ordinary politics because he hates Bibi and Bennett.

You want to find true corruption. Look at Labor's use of illegal funding from the Obama regime in its failed attempt to unseat Bibi during the last election. That is illegal under BOTH American and Israeli law.
7. Legal nonsense
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.10.17)
Barnea merely shows inability to understand the law. A coalition agreement is a binding agreement between two parties. This was a non-binding agreement between two individuals. And before the election Netanyahu could not give a benefit in the function of being PM after the election because he was not yet in that function. So Haber is agitating againsr the politicians with legal nonsense that Ynet editors should have spotted before they allowed this piece to be published.
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