Israel must extricate itself from its 'Bibi-psychosis'
Yoel Esteron
Published: 06.09.17, 13:00
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1. Psychosis, yes but why is it so?! Who& why is causing this
pathological state of our political souls?! It is Sir Drucker& Abramovich and their faithful media-dogs that are leading the Bibi- blood thirsty pack.
Their willing enablers in our media cannot wait for the next slice of Bibi-filth , no matter how outrageously fabricated.
2. Bibi's doing the filth, all by himself
Yossi   (09.07.17)
3. Zsolti(FB) wants the "old&beautiful" Israel back: the
glorious period when getting a telephone line from Bezeq took 5-10 years and that's with "protekzia"....
Indeed, we should copy North Korea more and the US less :-))
4. @1 Netanyahu's enablers with their bribes for better assets
r causing this   (09.07.17)
5. The Bibi psychosis......
tiki ,   belgium   (09.07.17)
Israel has to free itself?
No, the Israeli left has to free itself!

Bibi has/is doing a good job, is powerful and gets re-elected despite all the hate campaigns against him.

One would get psychotic for much less!

6. This column gives hope...
David S. ,   NYC   (09.08.17)
that there is residue of sanity in Bibi-land. Thank you Yoel Esteron for a thoughtful piece!
7. HiterBibiPsychosis
8. Little Mussolini
THOMAS ,   rehovot   (09.10.17)
Bibi so much resembles pictures of Mussolini, especially in the picture above.
The same self aggrandisement, self satisfaction, mannerisms, constantly looking for the limelight.
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