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UN probe says Syrian government launched April sarin attack
Associated Press
Published: 06.09.17, 17:19
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1. Who cares
Avi L.   (09.06.17)
Who cares President Assad and President Putin, vouched by Nazrallah and Khamenei already said it's "fake news".

They are "making Syria Great Again"
2. its dangerous for israel to keep pushing this fake narrative
jack bauer   (09.07.17)
eventually nobody will believe anything anymore. we get it, assads a bad dude and the israeli govt doesnt like syria... but getting the world to destroy syria doesnt make anyone safer
3. Assad knows how one deals with fellow Muslims. He has
tradition & his father wisdom behind him....The "World" can screw itself if the "World" doesn't like it.
Same "World-Opinion" that screams "murder!" when Israel doesn't pave roads in Gaza and some Hamasnik trips& falls on his way to daily hate-sermon at local mosque...
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