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New anti-Semitism or boycotts? Jew hatred and the BDS movement
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 07.09.17, 09:24
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1. Question?
tiki ,   belgium   (09.07.17)
The question ""If BDS is the new Anti Semitism"" is a passed station!

It is!

As we all agree we don't have to waste anymore paper on the subject but fight the antisemitic bastards on every front!

The Jews have survived the Romans, the Spanish inquisition, the Eastern Pogroms, the Holocaust & the British Mandate........they will survive the BDS Antisemites.

No question about it!
2. AS used to say"Jews go to Israel".Now "Jews getout of Israel
Alan ,   SA   (09.07.17)
3. Not on your life!
BBB   (09.08.17)
Israel's been the dream of every wandering Jew for eons.
Hell will freeze over before Jews leave Israel
4. Attila the Hun playing patriot ? thats a change
SelfServingColumnist ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.10.17)
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