When do our decision makers take responsibility?
Nadav Eyal
Published: 07.09.17, 11:11
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1. & No Responsibility to give us a balanced Electronic Media?
Likud'sFailure ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.17)
What about responsibility to give the people a BALANED MEDIA
For months the Left complained that changes in the media
would bring about the Right's controlling the media
what the hell is going on ? Instead of a balanced media that
we never had the Left is even more in control on the new
media "revolution" on Channel 1 , they give one person
a half of a program to represent the majority of the population
Kalman Lieberman BUT he has to share the program with
an avowed Leftist Asaf Lieberman and then ALL the programs
after are hosted by the extreme Left including a so called
"Culture ' Program which fills its two hours with 99% Leftist
Propaganda and 1% "Culture" Once again the Likud
and coalition partners have monstrously failed to give
the suffering Israeli population at least ONE Pro Zionist television
station....? The new "media revolution" is worse than the old
one its a two headed Leftist monster. Something is radically
wrong with our leaders who do not see the importance
of a democratic and balanced media for the wellbeing of
the nation. A nation that lives on leftist propagandist media 24/7 is bound
to fail no wonder so many young people leave the country
all they hear 24/7 is how evil Israel is it demoralizes them.
2. All this is fine, but under one presumption: that there was
indeed corruption on the scale that Channel 10, Channel 22, Channel 11 and all the leftist media-personalities are claiming.
Making lots of dust by unending claims/ postulates does not make us into One Big Corrupt Country.
3. nothing ever happened?
hw ,   ... Germany   (09.07.17)
If someone, in the face of mounting evidence, claims that "there was nothing" he must be either a cynical liar or a two-year-old who still believes that if you deny something it really never happened.
4. when they know they can get away with it
david ,   hadera   (09.07.17)
5. After M. begin, no one
Avi L.   (09.09.17)
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