Rivlin tells Merkel Israel obligated to respond to Hezbollah's rearmament
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.09.17, 17:06
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1. He should've told her, that despite Nzis&all we never
demanded suicide from the German people, so the burning question is: " Why oh Angela, why???!!!"
2. massive first strike
maury   (09.07.17)
bibi can do a small strike but he cannot do a large militry full throttle air and ground on nasrollah. he cannot do it due to his fears, his uncertaintly and also the fact that he personally was not successful as a soldier according to reports. he has not demonstrated true leadership on the attack.

bennett and feiglin can do it, bibi cannnot. that is why he talks so much, because in actions he cannot do just like herzog, lapid and olmert-all the same.
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