Opinion  Noah Klieger
When Islamic ‘occupation of Europe’ becomes a reality
Noah Klieger
Published: 08.09.17, 23:22
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1. Article last week in YNet wrote Golders Green is Jewish Area
Alan ,   SA   (09.09.17)
Well here is some news for whoever wrote that:

"Representatives of an Islamic centre opening in the heart of north-west London’s Jewish community have said they are looking forward to forging strong links with local Jews. (Isnt that good to hear?-Alan)

A charity called the Centre for Islamic Enlightening bought the Grade II-listed Hippodrome building, in Golders Green, for £5.25million earlier this year."

Enlightening is good for Jews.No?
2. It's The Only Way
DSM ,   USA   (09.09.17)
Europe will be a caliphate in twentyfive years if the citizens do not wake up and stop worrying about Human Rights for those who intend to kill them. That means going into No Go Zones to deport non citizens in addition to stopping illegal emigrations from middle eastern and northern African countries.
3. Totally fake diagnosis!
df67   (09.09.17)
Moscow has been weaponizing the Islamic masses. The real roots of the Islamic terror is Moscow.

Saudi Arabia is now a champion of peace.

Israel's leaders should wake up. Change course. Embrace Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunesia, Indonesia...
4. Invading JewNazi Klieger brought illegal immigrants to Pales
5. @Ana Arabi: LOL ! You're so typical !
Doug ,   Richmond, VA   (09.09.17)
Your lot slaughtered hundreds in Madrid, hundreds in Paris, your lot slaughtered hundreds of Spaniards, slaughtered Belgians, the dumb Swedes who used to support you, the Brits. Thousands unarmed civilian Euros who were dumb enough to allow your lot in. What are you ? On benefits, 9 kids browsing muzzy websites on stolen iPads? Ready to knife their neighbours? DO YOU REALLY THINK EUROS LOVE YOU, DUMBO ? Wait until they start waking up. Just wait to see what they will do to you, to YOUR lot...You will seek help...from the Jews. In vain I hope !
6. To solve problem of jehadies in Europe
Al ,   Walnut creek   (09.09.17)
Give voice to quiet majorities and more importantly use local educated immams instead of Saudi Wahhabis
7. Let's first see how well we solve our problem with the blood
thirsty sons of Ishmael.
Democracy/human rights can take us only so far, actually: to the very brink of extinction.
By the way, I have no foggiest idea where the so called "human rights" have their origins in Nature?
Our "rights" are to survive & multiply. How we do it, that's up to our imagination.
8. Just a thought: in today's political climate, someone like
W.Churchill wouldn't stand a chance and all of Europe plus much of the world would've been speaking German by now.
And I wouldn't be writing this wisdom here....
9. Nonsense article
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (09.09.17)
Sorry to say, noah klieger, has no idea about europe and by the way no idea about eli wiesel.
10. only 4.4 % of population in UK are muslims???
Zeev ,   berlin   (09.09.17)
Were you get your datas from?
United Kingdom Census 2011, 4.4% of the total population are muslims. Far, far away from a take over, hu?
France : 7 to 9 percent of the national population, France has the largest number of Muslims in Western Europe.
Germany: Muslims are 5.4–5.7% of the population.
Panic? Hm?
11. Europe is lost
tiki ,   belgium   (09.09.17)
As long as a majority is still walking around with blinkers and governments trying to appease them.......the game is over.

As long as people are fighting terror with excuses, flowers, songs and empty mantra's "we will not change for then they have won" ....the game is over.

As long as the EU governments continue with their immigration obsession....the game is over.

As long as the EU parliament forces governments to take in people who don't want anything else but living of EU honey pots........the game is over.

As long as parties & people who oppose this are labeled as 'racists'.....the game is over.

The clock has been ticking & ticking and now it's past twelve and to late to change., meaning.............the game is over.
12. Tic toc Tic toc Tic toc Tic toc Tic toc Tic toc Tic toc ...
13. Why don't we take that thought till its logical conclusion?
If/when Muslims rule Europe we'll have no trading partner there.
Their political clout shall be huge.
By the same token Israeli Muslims/Arabs
egged on by their brethren's success in Europe/ (worldwide)
shall overrun us as well, here in Zion.
That is: if we continue to behave like lemmings.
14. 1 child means only 15 Mil.people in 3 generations left
George   (09.11.17)
I think everybody knews the statistic about food selling at stores in UK.It doesnt fit with the population!It must be much higher,and this info is years old.

Also how many babys get the non muslims and how many the muslims?With every generation Europe loose 30%-50%(if you read 1,x babys in UK,Germany etc. you must now that many of them are MUslims and/or foreigners).
Also the MOST autochthon people in Europe are 40+ THis people didnt get baby anymore.So you must only look at the children.IN germany 38% children under 6 years are foreigners.So its clear that they will be a minority soon!Same for Belgium,Netherlands,Luxemburg,France,Spain(specially Catalania),Italy,Sweden,Denmark etc. This is a dark future.Why?Why became Israel so rich so fast?Because of its people!Look at the prisons in Europe.Everywhere the same...
15. The good news is
BBB   (09.13.17)
While we chat there's a Muslim v. muslim war going on.
May both sides win.

Meanwhile, looks like Europe is paying for her sins against Jews.
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