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Jerusalem Judaica store offers exotic animal-hide kippot
Yael Freidson
Published: 08.09.17, 14:05
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1. A kippa made of animal skin
Peter Austin ,   London   (09.08.17)
How about a kippa made of pig skin , is it kosher?
What about crocodile , snake skin , can anybody enter the synagogue with such kippot?
The Rabbis will pull their beard's hair off.
2. Is this paganism of orthodox Jews?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (09.08.17)
What will be next item for doing business with Judaica in Israel?
3. Revolting I will avoid his shop by all means
Grotesque ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.08.17)
The rabbis need immediately to condemn this he needs serious
counseling what have we become ? This is grotesque you
can only imagine what young people from around the world
Jews and non Jews will think of this lets throw on fuel
to the Anti Semitic bonfire
4. A bit ludicrous.....
froike ,   ny us   (09.08.17)
Buy a regular Kippah and give the rest to Tzeddaka. This type of Kippah is like Cowboy Hats and Hemmorhoids in NYC: Only A-Holes get them.
5. Brainless idiots buy this obscene crap
Deavman ,   Ta   (09.08.17)
6. if its bred in captivity & not endangered whats the problem
zionist forever   (09.11.17)
Python, alligator, cow, ostrich non of these animals are endangered species and are farmed for the purpose of being skinned or eaten or culled to keep their numbers down in the wild and their skins sold afterwards.
I have an ostrich skin walled and I love it really nice design but this was not taken from the wild.

If we were talking about a kippa made from rhino or tiger skin then no these are endangered species and not bred in captivity but animals like that I have no problem.

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