AG announces intention to indict PM's wife, pending hearing
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 08.09.17, 12:41
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1. Sooooo embarrassing...
D   (09.08.17)
2. $100 per day cooked food for PM and entourage is bargain
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.17)
3. Her polygraph test proved her innocence.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.08.17)
But in a witch hunt the truth doesn't matter.
For 20 or so years people have tried to pull the rug from under her.
4. bibi professing his wife's innocence
ed   (09.08.17)
bibi is professing his wife's innocence which is fine. however, someone who allegedly took lots of havana cigars from so called friends is in no position to prove his wife's innocence. likewise, someone who sat passivley through the gaza campaign and had to be pushed and shoved by bennett to address the tunnels again is in no position to validate his wife's innocence.

looking back, bibi at one time was considering offering the golan heights to assad's father. only an insecure misuguided fool would give back the golan. herzog and gabbay would have done it, likewise lapid would have done it. so would livni, so did ehud barak.

without the golan,you might as well give tel aviv to zohar and haniyeh.
5. 40 seats for Likud in next election
MediaWillLoseAgain ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.08.17)
6. No more expensive than weight watchers.
BBB   (09.08.17)
7. Money and free gifts lovers
oleg ,   Florida   (09.08.17)
Its a Jewish illness loving $$$$ and free stuff.
8. The Empress is naked
9. who made you judge and jury
jeffrey   (09.08.17)
bibi says indictment against wife sara will evaporate.who made bibi judge and jury who will try and render a decision. a betting man would guess that bibi will be indicted as well.

so what to do? Clearly, israelis really do not want herzog clone gabbay or lapid. so saar, barkat and bennett should compete for coalition head. feiglin will enter the ne xt govt. the faster bibi is removed, the better for likud as they will be decimated if bibi remains.
10. We reap what we sow !!!
..   (09.09.17)
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