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Hurricane Irma devastates the Caribbean, heads for Florida
Published: 08.09.17, 18:52
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1. HaShem is punishing them for indictment of Sarah Netanyahu!
2. The Solar eclipse in August cast a shadow over the USA
Rivkah   (09.10.17)
and another solar eclipse will cast a shadow over the USA in seven years. The two shadows will cross at Ninevah, Indiana. The judgment of Ninevah was delayed for many years instead of 40 days after the solar eclipse because the King put on sackcloth and ashes (black, gray, white attire) and repented with the people. The USA MUST REPENT OF SINS. President Trump has put on mourning (black jackets and suits/white shirts). All others in the USA must do likewise to show repentance of sins and beg for haShem's mercies.
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