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Holocaust Museum 'horrified' by Myanmar attacks
Associated Press
Published: 09.09.17, 12:19
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1. Tragedy But...
Marty ,   toronto canada   (09.09.17)
Yes the persecution of the Rohingya is a tragedy ...but much of the responsibility for their welfare belongs to the Muslim world. There are plenty of Muslim countries (especially those with copious amounts of oil sourced money) that should step up and take care of their co-religionists. Much like Israel (who was a poor country at the time) took in those Jews expelled from Arab lands.
Instead the mainstream media seem to be preparing those of us in the West to expect a landslide of Rohingya refugees...while (as usual) the Muslim countries sit back and do nothing.
2. Back to the lands of Islam they go
Cameron   (09.09.17)
3. When will we, dumb Jews, stop being "horrified" and start
accepting world/life as it really is: unrelenting in its antisemitism, cruelty and not giving a crap about the weak?
BTW: what's so terrible about not wanting Muslims in your midst....?
I mean, REALLY???!
4. if
Jay Verma ,   India   (09.09.17)
The Burmese are very lenient..otherwise another race would have wipe out these insects...
5. Should be horified by Moslem attacks!!
Arturo   (09.09.17)
The Holocaust Museum should be horrified that Bangladeshi Moslems are attacking Buddhists and Myanmar military. This is just another Islamic invasion, and the Buddhists will not stand for it.
6. The Rohingyas have only to blame themselves for converting
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.09.17)
to vile Islam from Buddhism and Hinduism.

They are not innocents, all support Jihadic terrorist gangs inside Burma that murder native Buddhists.

7. The Rohingyas are Bangladeshi Muslims who invaded Burma
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.09.17)
Now they are going back to their native lands in Bangladesh
8. Double standard
Avi L.   (09.10.17)
One more photo op in favor of the "poor persecuted muslims" killed by islamophobic kufar.

This picture is a FAKE you can see the finger's red smear on the face ... red has been spread ...

But nobody seemed to worry too much about what hapened in DARFOUR where by 2010 about 300,000 had died, according to the UN best estimate and about 3,000,000 were forced into refugee camps.

What's the difference if not that in Darfour the genocidal criminals were arab janjawis muslims who killed black muslims and not kufars killing muslims?

This is a typical example of double standard and it's scary that ynet published such fake photo ops from the islamic movement and didn't mentioned others cases where it was muslim on muslim.

To add some more to the disgust is this generalized self righteous attack against Suu Kyi as if she were the one in control of the country and if she were owing anything to anyone for having payed the price to resist dictatorship.
9. I am ashamed
Haim ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.17)
As a son of two Holocaust survivors, I'm ashamed by the talkbackers here.
Shame on you ! How dare you blame innocent children, adults and old people for the suffering the go thru . You behave the same way all the anti-Jewish antisemits.
10. All's fair in love and war.
BBB   (09.24.17)
If the Muslims would stop murdering others ( including fellow Muslims) I might not feel as I do however, like pornography, I can find no redeeming virtues in a religion so hate filled that they torture their own women and kids for starters.
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