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The kashrut trend: More and more businesses go kosher for financial reasons
Ofer Matan and Eli Mendelbaum
Published: 09.09.17, 23:43
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1. Why should any sane person object?
David ,   New york   (09.10.17)
Even if you don't keep kosher, are you going to miss that bacon cheeseburger that badly??
Btw: even if you aren't religious, don't you care just a little about your heritage?
Driving on Shabbat and eating on Yom Kippur doesn't constitute an identity
2. So much hatred from non-religious people! Why?
Yechezkel   (09.10.17)
3. Have you lost your last brain cells?! Since when is a purely
financial consideration "coercion"?
Indeed: if there are enough customers being lost to my business/restaurant because people don't like my bright-red painted walls, I'll bloody paint them "vanilla-shade" if that's what they prefer!
4. Traditional Jews Demographics Win the Day
GoodNews ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.17)
The silent revolution to return the
Nation to its Jewish roots by means of literally
Rebuilding the people
From scratch that is demographically
Large Traditional Jewish population is finally
Showing dramatically results and will only
Continue so let the self hating Jews
By accident of birth eat their "Pig Burgers"
They are fast becoming a blip on the
Radar screen of the renewed Jewish People
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