Northern Command seeks to prevent psychological victory for Hezbollah
Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.09.17, 20:15
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1. idf needs to get serious and tough
george   (09.09.17)
idf has to put aside yaalon's philosophical trials did idf use too much force questions. it has to get smart but tough. terror advances when it senses weakness and bibi has been very weak. herzog and livni aand lapid are even weaker.

asymmetric crushing power needs to be used instead of goldstone proportional 1 for 1 which is useless. israaeli would not exist if it followed goldstone's law of proportionality.

you don't know what asymmetric crushing power is? Call vladimir putin in mosccow. he'll fill in the blanks

in the meantime, netanyahu is finished with his wife's indictment which will not evaporate. he should step down in favour of a new likud leadership convention. shteinitz should also step down as he didn't know what the hell was going on.

the idf should be screening out conscript commandos who show no fighting ability.

2. IDF do not define what's psychological victory for Hezbollah
C   (09.09.17)
do not give them ideas.
already, they engage in psychological warfare all the time.

all that matters is that they be defeated and vanquished decisively.
any virtual points they might think they earned will be erased by
their defeat.
3. War is hell and Arabs must realize that,No more Mr.Nice Guy!
4. Let's rather avoid home front deaths
Avi L.   (09.10.17)
Let's rather avoid home front deaths
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