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'Dimona reactor helped ensure Israel would never be destroyed'
Yoav Keren
Published: 10.09.17, 23:28
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1. So he "studied nuclear physics as a peer" .And such a self-
ab   (09.11.17)
glorifying idiot allowed to lead Israel....
2. Demographics, Jewish greed will destroy Israel in 25 years
Steve Benassi   (09.11.17)
...and Palestine will be reborn from river to sea.

All invaders leave eventually, and so too will invading Jews leave, again.
3. all is forgiven
C   (09.11.17)
peres the brilliant, the courageous, the innovator, ensured israel's existence.

it is unfortunate that he veered leftward in his later years.
many israelis paid with their lives for his oslo delusion.
ultimately, peres had no understanding of the muslim mentality.
4. You are nuts
Adam ,   Vancouver   (09.12.17)
5. Dimona reactor helped..........
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (09.12.17)
That is exactly how North Korean ruler thinks.
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