Top IDF brass tells US Israel can't handle Iran alone
Korin Elbaz Alush
Published: 10.09.17, 15:23
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1. Peace is the only path forward
Mashdi ,   Tehran   (09.10.17)
The problem with many Israeli’s is that they think by peace they are being generous and kind to the PAL and that peace through giving and taking is a luxury you can live and survive without, that if you wait long enough Pal will be forced to move to Jordan as your smarter than the rest politicians will deliver. You forget that, while you suffer from this European bred superiority complex, you will not be permitted to rule and colonize the ME and that your real strength without USA is nothing more than that of Jordan. Look at your politician, like a bunch of baggers hat in hand travelling to Washington, Sochi, to plead for help. Have you ever seen Iran doing this sort of degrading begging. This despite all the financial, political, technological and military help you receive. You need to go back to the reality. If you want to live in this neighbourhood you have to establish peace with everyone not on your own terms. Sooner or later USA will leave you on your own, with friends in the neighbourhood you will survive for a thousand years, with arrogance and European colonial mentality you will have to go back to Poland, Germany and who knows may be Russia. Choice is yours while there is still time. Choose the peace, not through arrogant concessions, but through mutual give and take for your own sake, always coming up with the excuse of no Pal partner in peace will not save you. You want peace for your sake not Pla’s sake.

Let's see that Nat, for the sake of every Jew killed and affected by the Holocaust, for the sake of one and all Jewish and Muslim children of the land has the foresight, the devotion, the dedication, the humanity to embark, at least for once, on a peaceful mission, swallowing his arrogant European upbringing, to travel to Tehran, to Riyad, with everything and everything on the table to bring peace to his people and all humanity, while retaining your Jewish roots, self determination and self rule. Don't tell me others will not accept, let him be the big man of the hour and let others fail the Jews, Muslims and the humanity.
2. "Honesty" in war?! That's a "first" for me....!
3. not good enough
martin   (09.10.17)
Israel especially its political leaders should have been preparing extensively to be able to defend and attack any enemy short of the superpowers. Golan is saying Israel is too small to independently beat Iran because of its size, its scientists and its overall power. yes Iran is big and talented. but this is a big disappointment nonetheless.

his boss gantz was not impressive as chief of staff. it looks like golan did not move heaven and earth to fix deficits.

rather like yalaon, he worried more about Israeli excesses, morality and degree of force used. all of this does zilch when Jews are being slaughtered and butchered.

and if golan is correct, what was ehud barak doing advocating a hit on Iran since the USA did not support such a hit. golan says Israel cannot confront Iran on its own.

whether olmert or now bibi, it appears that Israel has and is being led by a bunch of shmucks with their heads in their rear ends.

golan's public comments will energize Iran's terror .Israel has been appointing the wrong people to leadership of its key positions.

Israelis look up and read golan's comments and demand-why did you not tell bibi and barak this stuff. and why did you not try to overcome deficits???

enough said-general galant we all know was a vastly superior candidate for chief of staff than gantz who was passive and was criticized in an anemic gaza campaign. perhaps golan would not have been chosen deputy chief of staff if galant won out.

i would not have appointed golan deputy chief and he should be ruled out in future for chief. why? Because if he believes his comments, he should have made them years ago and tried to fix things. instead he focused like yaalon on Israelis using too much force Hitler is laughing in his grave.

4. Certainly not without a big chief
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.10.17)
Who is far away from the battle field
5. This is why defeatist Golan is not IDF chief of staff
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.10.17)
6. Mr General you are missing the Biggest Ramatcal opinion
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (09.10.17)
Do the job right and just give one horse enough for the job, it s in your power to
By the way American seems as total fiasco in Iran affairs political or military, you ask advice or help from wrong place.
7. just very blunt candor
Cameron   (09.10.17)
8. Is Galan saying that Israel is kaput?!
C   (09.10.17)
so iran has good scientists, and israel has good matzo ball soup.

gallan is openly encouraging that genocidal shia terror regime.

gallan does not even represent the present israeli government.
he speaks like meir dagan who prevented netanyahu from
taking care of the problem years ago.
9. bait the enemy so he can feel more powerful
Joseph ,   Holon   (09.11.17)
Amazing Job let them think we are weaker than we are, provoke the enemy to attack you, and obliterate them. Israel knows that US is packed with Israel haters, while most of the US loves us, so misinformation will lead Iran to attack us and we in response will obliterate them not because we have military supremacy but because Lord of Hosts is with us, protecting us praised be the God of Jacob selah
10. Israel defeated entire Arab League backed by Soviet Union
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis, MN USA   (09.11.17)
Israel did successful Entebbe operation, twice the distance to Iran, and this was 40 years ago.

When Israel destroyed Syrian reactor 10 years ago, its fighter planes were only 300 km from Iran's nuclear facilities, 10 to 15 minutes flight time.

It can certainly tackle Iran if it decides to do so.

The reasons why Israel doesn't do it yet are unrelated to ability to do it.

I will not list those reasons here as no one is talking about that in public to keep Iran in the dark.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.11.17)
It would risk too much on its own soil if they did so. The mullahs like to talk very tough, and that is how they can keep emptying thier own treasury in the name of war. Israel has showed that she can strike inside of Iran in different ways. The mullahs just want to keep their paid follwers busy in the meantime. They have the Lebanese & Afghanis fighting for them in Syia. There are also plenty of Shia Pakistais that they can hire. All of these talks about war with Iran is just hypetahtical. Let's not waste time over it and just keep a lid on hezzis.
12. Yair Golan is brave, brilliant soldier in best IDF tradition
Rafi ,   US   (09.16.17)
All supporters of Israel would do well to heed his advice.

Israel is fortunate to have a man of his caliber as a leader
13. Trust on Elohim
Jw ,   Kampen / netherlands   (09.16.17)
Shema Israel , read 2 Chronicals 14:11 And Asa called to the Eternal One
his Elohim and said, Eternal One, there is no one but You to help !
Help us, o Eternal One our Elohim, for we rest on You, and in Your Name
we go against this crowd.
Parashat Nitzavim
14. Air drop Aviv Geffen over Iran right now, for starters...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (09.26.17)
It was absolutely painful living in Israel in the 1990's. The delusion was WRIT LARGE. Fast forward 20 years and reality has caught up with the country. Baruch Hashem. Maybe now we can focus on fighting them rather than fighting each other. The 90's culture wars, forged by Peace Now in the 1980's, anchored in defeatism, informed by relativism, and jammed in our throats until 2000 with the collapse of Oslo, and cemented in the defeat of 2016... The Left can go where the sun doesn't shine. Israel is returning to an ethos of Zionism and modern orthodoxy... and adherence to its tradition and mores, something the Persians never forgot.
15. Israeli Defense capabilities.
McFord Nkhwimba ,   Lilongwe   (09.27.17)
Israel has always ben a force to reckon with and Iran knows pretty well about it. Let them ask the spirit of Abdul Nasser of Egypt and they will be better informed.
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