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Jewish family assaulted in anti-Semitic robbery in France
Published: 10.09.17, 22:51
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1. When France is judenrei, Muslims will still be murdering
C   (09.10.17)
when france is judenrei, the muslims will still be murdering christian

right now, parents of jewish children cannot send them to public schools
given the grave danger to the children's lives.
all jewish children go to private schools: jewish, catholic, protestant.

how can france claim to be a sovereign state when it cannot, or will not,
protect its own citizens.
2. 3 men approached a family home and asked for a donation for
Alan ,   SA   (09.11.17)
the poor.When the head of the family went to look for something to donate there suddenly was a power outage. Unfortunately in the dark he tripped and fell so injuring himself. The charity collectors administered first aid ,called the ambulance and left
It was a people to people story.
3. Mr.
leon gork ,   jerusalem   (09.11.17)
Antisemitism is like a plague and like any plague it is the duty of the nation to contain and eradicate it.

Jews are the greatest sufferers of this plague, because they are born or acquire a biological make up that makes them susceptible to antisemitism.

France, in my opinion needs to set up a special government department with the sole task to stamp out the disease, in the same way as they have a department to control the spread of other contagious diseases.
4. Jews like to be identified as jews with kipah. WHY???
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (09.12.17)
5. Paying tithes and offerings which is 3x10% of income or 30%
Rivkah   (09.12.17)
is the way to get haShem to rebuke the devourer (haSatan). 10% to the House of Worship, 10% to the poor, and 10% to the Appointed Times (Feast Days) of haShem. There are three tithes. That is the cost of being protected from haSatan. As Jeremiah the Prophet said, go back to the old paths wherein is the good way. Also, give up foods that are unclean and/or dedicated to an idol. This is becoming increasingly difficult in Europe and the USA because so many foods are dedicated to Allah, a black moonstone idol in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Isaiah chapters 65 and 66 warn haShem will not protect swine eaters or those who eat unclean foods.
6. Look at the cup half full: so many Muslims, so many Jews in
France and only a sporadic manifestations of this type...
Don't they have it good, our brethren in Francastan?
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