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Right failed test in its response to Yair Netanyahu’s meme
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 12.09.17, 15:45
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1. Wrong comparison. A black person saying "Nigger" isn't KKK,
But a white one just may be....
Sweden is lost cause, so we wouldn't care that much anyway:-))
2. ben dror wasting time acts like eitan haber
earl   (09.12.17)
ben dror acts like eitan haber wasting words in articles that are unimportant. we know that bibi's household is not ideal. the dog does not comfortable because he or she has bitten several times reportedly. bibi seems to be under the thumb of his wiife. it is not uncommon that kids of affluent parents are spoiled and say dumb things, that is what happened here. the kid lashed out and said the wrong thing trying to protect the family.

bibi is on a fast track to being replaced by bennett or saar.israelis like ben dror yet vote for the lapid and gabbays who will bring more doom to israel. you saw what happened with olmert when he catered to abbas. terrror all over the place. the same thing wiht big shot ehud barak who did zilch to fight the intitfadah and for the most part was ineffective. the same thing with peres. so israelis must not be stupid. vote for bennett if you want a confident state with a military that works, not one that agonizes and does bandaids until the next battle.
3. Yair Netanyahu should go visit his new friend David Duke!
4. I applaud Glenda P & Michael D upon their remarks...
Yossi   (09.13.17)
with a note to Naftali Greenwood, pls notice other things as well.
like us, the people.
Corruption definitely rampant in government, like I have never seen before in all my 46 years living here. Oh, and we know who the PM is.
5. There was a certain Prince in Europe dressed up as Nazi...!?
6. Israel now Leftist Police / Media /Supreme Court PoliceState
BolsheviksAreback ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.14.17)
Leftist Police elite investigators leak to Leftist Media Leftist
Supreme Court looks the other way, welcome to the
first Bolshevist Police State since the Russian Revolution
the goal the dissolution of the Jewish National Home only
demographics can change this nightmarish situation and
fast !
7. Yemini covers up the Abbie Benjamin Nazi Scandal
TheGreatCharlatan ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.14.17)
Abbie Benjamin Labor candidate in the wings posted not one
but TWO references to the Nazi Propagandist Goebeles one
had Netanyahu in Goebells suit photo shopped his head
but Yemini choses not to speak about this as did ALL the
Leftist dominated media the media should be sued for
malpractice as it constantly refuses to print uncomfortable
stories scandals of the Left. Yemini and his ilk are
masters of deceit thankfully they are daily exposed for
the Charlatans they are
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