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Palestinian film takes jab at Sara Netanyahu
Amir Bogen
Published: 11.09.17, 19:11
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1. I'm OK with Arabs/Muslims having fun with every/anyone they
please, what I don't understand is: how many legs/arms/tentacles has a "Palestinian"? WHAT is this elusive, mysterious creature that nobody has ever seen or witnessed in the course of human history?
Enlighten me please.
2. Annemarie spoled rich egotistical maniac hater of Jews
She'sAjoke ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.12.17)
her biography shows a rich spoiled girl born into riches
sent to the best schools in US on and on and on
yeah she really represents the 98% of Moslem "Palestinians"
and they "really love her as a Christian" any private
conversation with her "Moslem Palestinian Brothers and Sisters"
would hear them say "like the Jews one day they (Christians ) will
have to go " and this is the voice of experience speaking. I have
heard it several times .
The Palestinian Arabs have a saying re their "Moslem Brothers"
"We have to walk between their (Moslem's) legs" One thing she
and they both share however is blind racist hate of the Jew in that
they truly are "Brothers and Sisters in hate"
3. What no mention of Suha Arafat & the missing millions $$$$ ?
ArabChristianHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.12.17)
What hypocrites the filmmakers mentioned are Arab Christians
with their traditional blind inherited hate of Jews the source
of much of the anti Israel sentiment around the world while
covering up the notorious scandals in their own communities
No mention of Suha Arafat who converted to Islam for $ and
power and who has to keep moving as European governments
want to ask her about the millions of dollars in her bank account
Arafat Suha and their Palestinian government friends stole
millions of dollars donated to the Palestinians but lets no
ever embarrass ourselves by talking about those scandals
lets instead blame the Jews for everything that always
works beside we have to protect "Arab Honor"
"Moslem Arabs stab Jews with knives Christian Arabs stab
Jews with their tongues" lovely Arab "Christian Love"
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