Drugmaker Teva hires Lundbeck CEO Schultz to restore its health
Published: 11.09.17, 20:49
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1. No reason for Teva to be in such dire straits, just as there
is no reason to pay anyone such exorbitant money:
there are no 'magic" formulas to re-bouncing from an otherwise "artificial" setback , so he'll do just fine, as would anyone else (running a grocery store).

That's my lame opinion about this Smoke/Mirrors & snake-oil crap of "High Finance"

It's only because us, the 99% of general public are so clueless
and uneducated in basics, that it all appears 'complicated"
and we're being taken for a ride by these Charlatans of Industry!
2. I'd try with couple of Acamols first:much cheaper, works too
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