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Is BDS fostering change or simply making noise?
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.09.17, 09:56
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1. Read no further: the giveaway is in "the experts" ! :-))
2. BDS - Dont be fooled
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.12.17)
Ultimately BDS claim they do this to 'support the Palestinian cause'

They create a lot of hullabaloo, verge on the racist anti semitic, attract a lot of students 'without a cause', march, demo...


How much money have they raised for Palestinian charities, for schools, higher education and medical care?

No BDS are a NOT PRO PALESTINIAN movement... They are not even a political movement. Just a rag tag of 'dead end' people with various chips on their shoulders to conveniently express their anti Semitism in the guise of anti Zionism

With 'friends' like these...who needs more enemies
3. re: BDS
BBB   (09.13.17)
Israel gifts pal with free medical care, free utilities and even food.

Should Israel use these same BDS tactics against the pals, there would be NO pals.

And America and Israel MUST end payments to the PA which in turn gives this $$ to terrorists and terrorists families.
4. Every knock's a boost.
BBB   (09.14.17)
Israel can't be defeated she is the chosen one of G-d.
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