Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Why are right-wing journalists defending corruption?
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 14.09.17, 09:36
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1. The only "defense" at the moment is from Leftist onslaught
on democratically elected PM by means of endless accusation, allegations and insinuations. Both directed at PM, his wife, kids, dog and the delivery man from local supermarket....
This will not stand.
It may cost the individual (Netanyahu) his job& health but the Leftist Lunatics shall have a bitter Pyrrhic victory
2. It is a far too dangerous time in M E history to look for
Alan ,   SA   (09.14.17)
stories of boxes of cigars or finest whiskey Who expected Iran guards and Russia on the Golan. On the other hand who expected such improved relations (OK under the table) with the Sunni States leaders.We need a leader for Israel who can do the job. We dont need "learning curves" or "experiments".Bibi knows the biz and for me thats what is very important. For me its not a "party thing"-its that I want a cat that can catch the mice! Im sorry that the other parties arn't getting a chance ,but its not a game ..It aint rocket science. Go Bibi!
3. Please read what Colombian President said yesterday
Alan ,   SA   (09.14.17)
“Your country, Israel, is a world leader in terms of innovation,” he told Netanyahu. “We like to say that Colombians are born innovators. But if we learn from you how to channel this innovation into progress, then we will be able to do it much better.”
4. Why are Left Wing Politicians Silent on Peres and others ..?
TheHypocrites.Com ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.14.17)
5. ben dror is walking into legal trouble
rory   (09.14.17)
no one knows whether bibi will be indicted in the various matters so ben dror should not be hinting that he is.

it is better to talk about bibi's failures to hit iran, to damage hamas severely, his lobsided prisoner exchanges, his empty threats. that he constantly acts like a soldier with a fearful heart.

ben dror is beginning to sound like haber and levy which will end up being a despised journalist.
6. Are we concerned about Iranian nukes or Bibi's cigars?
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.14.17)
Both polls and elections prove Bibi is the best person to lead Israel right now. At this crucial time in Israel's history; are we going to concern ourselves with Iranian nukes or Bibi's cigars? Bibi's leftist opponents are endangering Israel with their sick campaign against Bibi, which looks more and more like a complete hoax all the time.
7. people do not approve of corruption
C   (09.14.17)
the question is what comportment rises to the level of corruption.
what is unethical is not necessarily corruption.
8. What a laugh!
Brad   (09.15.17)
A lefty posing as a journalist, criticizing "right wing" (that means conservative, normal people) journalists because he doesn't like what they write. He needs to practice what he preaches before he even begins to criticize the "right wing" (again, that means conservative, normal people) journalists. After all, if it weren't for the existence of conservative journalists, there would be no journalists at all.
9. Who expected for PM to recieve thousands in gifts?
Yossi   (09.15.17)
I didn't vote for Netanyahu, to be with scandals, years and years, non-stop already even way back when he was finance minister.
Bibi was pretty strong against the weak and poor.
Have you noticed what company he's keeping, most in police investigations.
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