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Trump to weigh more aggressive US strategy on Iran
Published: 12.09.17, 12:55
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1. Iran will go nuclear if nothing is done
C   (09.12.17)
even without nuclear weapons, the genocidal shia terror regime is
a very grave threat to the west and its allies.
with nuclear weapons, iran will be multiple times more dangerous
than north korea.
susan rice said recently that we should all just learn to live
with a nuclear iran.
this is the same susan rice who was a main architect of the
fake iran deal. she and obama legitimised the shia terror regime,
allowed it to retain its nuclear weapons program and gave
that genocidal regime a hundred and fifty billion dollars
in sanctions relief.
today, iran has occupied syria, brought into syria its various
terror proxies and spends huge amounts on conventional
weapons and on wmd's.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.13.17)
about them. U.S is gettign a good lesson in terms of interfering in other nations business. Enjoy your mullahs, CIA & congress! You brought them on to put on a show for you all. Here thery are.
3. I‘m more concerned about Israel‘s nuclear weapons.
Rich ,   Toronto   (09.13.17)
The Iranians don‘t even have one bomb yet but Israel has 200 or more. Where is all that radioactive waste going? Every nuclear reactor in the world need‘s to be shut down, immediately. As climate change increases global temperatures, nuclear reactors will only make things worse with radioactive contamination. It‘s suicide!
4. I'm scared Trump might escalate his wrath to Instagram too!!
5. Iran's strength due to obama's gift of $150 BILLION dollars
BBB   (09.13.17)
Follow the money, take the money let Iran beg from her admirers.
6. Hope Trump obliterates Iran
BBB   (09.13.17)
A few well placed nuclear bombs over the bearded ladies homes ought to do it.

Then add N. Korea and the only fat man in N. Korea to that list.
7. Iran's strength due to obama's gift of $150 BILLION dollars
BBB   (09.13.17)
Follow the money, take the money let Iran beg from her admirers.
8. Mark Sherry, FB
C   (09.13.17)
israel has been fighting the shia terror regime and its proxies since
the shia revolution.
the us, unfortunately, did not respond to the slaughter of americans
for the decades since then.
9. Mon Cherry bubble boy on FB needs dose of Quran lesson
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.14.17)
10. just blowing smoke...
Rafi ,   US   (09.16.17)
You don't see Trump Admin or US getting very far dealing with No Korea, Afghan, Putin (in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria), or China's island-grabbing.
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